How to Explore Vietnam on a Tight Budget

If you’re itching for an adventure, but have no money to splurge on a fancy hotel, room service and cocktails on the beach, don’t worry! You can have a tropical trip without burning through your savings. Vietnam is one of the best destinations for thrifty travelers, especially if you know a few handy tips on how to explore this amazing country on a budget.

Find other thrifty travelers

Vietnam is usually full of tourists (many of them on a shoe-string budget), which means you’ll have no issues finding someone to share your costs with. Most hotels and guest houses charge per room, not per person, so consider finding fellow travelers to share your bills. And if they happen to be heading in the same direction as you, it will be very cost-effective to split the price of rooms and transport.

Eat local foods

If you love exploring different cuisines, tastes and spices, get ready to have your taste buds blown away in Vietnam! If you opt for local foods, you’ll not only get authentic meals but also fill your tummy for only a few dollars. Delicious street food is available all over the country, but local restaurants are quite cheap too. For less than $10 you can get a complete meal for one. Local foods are always the best choice, so skip things like McDonald's and all those fancy European restaurants and go for the real thing!

Find cheap transportation

While taxis and planes are practical, they certainly can’t be called cheap. So, if you’re trying to save up and see all the best places, why not rent a motorcycle? They are so numerous in this country that you can find automatic motorcycles for rent in Vietnam everywhere from Hanoi to Dalat. These will allow you to travel the country, enjoy the views and feel the wind in your hair for very little money. How much is it to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam? You can find one-day deals for as low as $10 and monthly deals for $250! You can even decide to buy a motorbike and choose from thousands of models. Most of the repairs are cheap and you’ll get to resell your “hog” for basically the same price when you’re ready to return home.

Learn to barter

Bartering can take you far in Vietnam. People don’t usually barter for things like food and hygiene products, so try to buy from an official store. However, if you’re looking to buy things like souvenirs or any other tourist related things, make sure to sharpen your bartering skills! Keep in mind that shopkeepers know how much these trinkets cost in your country, so they often offer a price that might sound like a bargain for you. But, try this neat trick: Walk away. Soon you’ll find out the real price of that fridge magnet you’re eyeing. Remember that sellers barter every day and they probably know how to do it better than you, so make sure not to show interest in an item—that’s where they get you!

Be flexible

If you’re trying to save some money, the right timing will be your best friend. However, even the smallest of changes in your plans can cost you money! This means you have to learn to be as flexible as you can. For instance, you can try traveling in the shoulder seasons—if you opt for a summer cruise, you can often grab a bargain with a 40% discount. The weather might not be ideal, but you’ll get to explore the destination for less money and avoid those horrible crowds.

All in all, Vietnam is one of the best destinations for low-budget travelers. No matter where you turn, you’ll find a cheap adventure, so you’ll come back home with amazing memories and plenty of saved up money!

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