Why Should You Choose Tape Hair Extension

Most of the time, growing hair can be extremely frustrating especially to women. Too much styling and chemicals that are being used to change the color of the hair can cause damages that sometimes, prevents a woman from getting fabulous hair. These are some of the reasons why women prefer using hair extensions.

The use of hair extensions was once limited to celebrities attending red carpet events. In recent years, the use of hair extensions among the female population is growing more popular than ever. With the great demand for hair extensions came innovations that resulted in the creation of tape in hair extensions.

Tape in extensions is made from thin wefts of hair layered in between natural hair. The method by which extension hairs are attached to natural hair is considered safe and 100% natural. Unlike other hair extension types, tape ins are easier to install and remove.

Superior quality tape ins do not damage the overall condition of natural hair and scalp. The hair is distributed evenly throughout the strips so your hair extensions do not wear down or cause damage to natural hair once installed. You can easily replace the adhesive portion of tape in extensions every 2 months to ensure that you are neither damaging your natural hair nor destroying the integrity of the hair extension strands.

Taped hair extensions are more practical in that you can reuse them for a longer period of time. Since all you need to do is change the adhesive tape, you can reuse them for 6 to 8 weeks at a time without hassle. The adhesive refills for tape extensions are cheaper from Wholesale Hair Vendors than going to the salon to have new hair extensions installed.

Affixing taped hair extensions is simple and straightforward. You can either watch tutorials on YouTube or follow the instructions that come along with the product. Installing a full set of Remy tape ins usually takes one to one and a half hours.

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