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Research indicates that female teens are more likely to develop mental health disorders than their male counterparts. According to one study, 71 percent of antidepressant medications prescribed to teen patients are for girls. Rates of self-harm are increasing among teenaged girls, going up from slightly above 10 percent to over 16 percent in the span of three years. Meanwhile the rate for male teenagers remains below 5 percent.

As a mother, you should be aware of the mental health of your teenaged daughters.

But what are the most common types of mental health disorders among teen girls and a short guide on how you can be there for them.

  1. Eating Disorders

Body image issues are distressingly prevalent among women. One survey revealed that 97 percent of all women have at least one negative thought about their body every day. Media and culture have ingrained unattainable body standards in everyone, but especially among women. The urge to become thinner or fitter can manifest as switching to low-carb pasta, but it can also lead to developing eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia. Without effective treatment plans for bulimia and anorexia, these disorders could do serious damage to your daughter's health.

Signs of an eating disorder are varied, but some of the most salient include:

  • Intentional vomit inducement or purging, whether through oral stimulation, diarrheic substances or emetics.
  • Rapid weight loss without noticeable effort like exercise
  • Signs of malnutrition like anemic appearance, hair loss and constant exhaustion

Eating disorders are among the most serious mental health issues that teen girls contend with and if you suspect your daughter is experiencing one, you must seek professional help as soon as possible.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a mood disorder characterized by a feeling of dread or unease. Before adolescence, girls and boys have the same odds of developing anxiety disorders. But after puberty, teen girls develop anxiety at roughly the same levels as adult women, which is much higher than teen boys. Anxiety disorders are insidious, undermining the mental health of someone living with it in small but meaningful ways.

An anxiety disorder primarily manifests in the following ways, although there are other symptoms:

  • Constantly feeling restless and on the edge.
  • Easily getting tired due to prolonged restlessness.
  • Having trouble focusing on the task at hand.
  • Problems getting to sleep such as getting easily woken up or falling asleep, short sleep hours or feeling unsatisfied with sleep.

Take note that there are varying levels of anxiety that could plague your daughter, and they may present differently.

  1. Depression

Depression is different from being sad and you should never downplay its effects as just being down on the dumps. It's a serious mental condition that could lead to self-harm if left untreated or exacerbated. Unlike feeling sad over an event, depression is persistent and complicated by other emotions. Depression also differs from grief, which is sadness connected with fondly remembering a departed loved one.

There are multiple types of depression, but some of the most prevalent symptoms include the following:

  • Persistent negative emotions such as hopelessness, pessimism or feeling empty.
  • Enhanced emotions involving decreased self-wroth like guilt, feeling worthless or feeling helpless in the face of events.
  • Low energy throughout the day, manifesting as fatigue or slowed reaction time.
  • Erratic sleep cycle, including insomnia, working very early in the morning or even oversleeping.

Depression, like all mental health disorders, doesn't just go away on its own or can be banished by "positive thoughts." It requires professional help to overcome and could worsen if left untreated.

What Can You Do?

As a mother, you should rightfully be worried if your teenaged daughter exhibits any of the signs above. But what can you do that might help them? Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when you believe your teenaged daughter is experiencing a mental health problem.

  • Listen. One of the reasons teenaged girls might avoid discussing their problems with you is that they might not feel like you're listening to them. Make it clear that they can come to you for advice of help and never be dismissive.
  • Seek Professional Help. Your support and advice can only go so far when tackling your daughter's mental health issues. There is no substitute to professional help such as therapy and counselling. Seek the advice and assistance of a professional therapist for your daughter as soon as it’s feasible.
  • Study. As a parent, you should study up on how best to interact and take care of your daughter. Ask professionals for research and resources you can read that will help you understand what your daughter is going through and how best to help them.
  • Be Supportive. Never be dismissive of your daughter's feelings. If they tell you about how bad they're feeling, don't take it as an affront to your parenting. Focus on their needs and what they feel. As a parent, it’s your duty to provide a safe space for your children.

Being a teenager is already hard enough, but living through a mental health issue as a teen girl is even harder. These tips and information can help you guide your daughter through their issues and mold them into strong and happy adults.

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Pet parenting can be a tough task. For many, pet ownership is a commitment that involves responsibilities. Feeding, cleaning, and grooming are just some of the tasks pet owners do. ;

The truth is that pet owners often overlook the need for their pet's grooming. It's not that much of a priority, especially when the budget is considered. Yet, it's not just about making your pet look pretty or show-ready. ;

In fact, grooming is an important task that can help your pet's health. Just like humans, pets need holistic care. Here's why you should always make time to groom your furry friend. ;



Moms, it's OK to admit it: 2020 has been one of the worst, if not the worst, year for parenting-and 2021 seems like it will follow suit. The entire family is spending most of their days at home, which means the cooking and the cleaning up after everyone never stops. It's easy to completely neglect ourselves in times like this because so many people depend on us, and we need to do all that we can to make sure that our home is a conducive place for our partners to work and for our kids to study.

But caring for ourselves is a crucial part of caring for others, too. We need to find ways to pamper ourselves in healthy and productive ways. Let 2021 be the year you also prioritize yourself by considering some treatments to look and feel good. Here are some ideas about where to start.



As a mom, you want your son to have all the wonderful things that life has to offer, including the best toys and other gifts on special occasions. This may not always be possible, for example when their desired item is sold out or far too expensive, and can also become a little bit more difficult as they grow up and their taste becomes more unique.

Buying age appropriate toys for your son, as well as ones that promote life skills, compassion, and socializing with others, can be a good way to help him grow up to be a well-rounded adult. For now, you want to be able to both keep him happy and teach him how to succeed in life. Play is one of the ways in which children learn, so it is vital that he has suitable toys to engage with.


The COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus pandemic continually affecting many families around the globe. This pandemic brings big changes to the family's everyday routines. For parents and youngsters, the struggles are real.

As part of the necessary measures, schools have been closed and the children have no choice but to stay at home. And with these, they have less opportunity to play outside with their friends that leads to feelings of isolation. More seemingly they are experiencing anxiety, bored, and feeling lonely. Kids struggled with boredom at home.


Gratitude is something that children have to learn; it doesn’t come naturally. Thankful children are able to recognise and appreciate the good things that come their way, not matter how small. On the other hand, children who can’t comprehend gratitude don’t always know how lucky they are. An independent day and boarding school in Hertfordshire have the following tips to parents to help you understand how to teach your children to be grateful.


Are you constantly searching for games and activities that will excite your kids, keep them off the social media while at the same time assist them to learn? Getting after school activity is not always an easy job, as it is always daunting for parents to decide which activities best suit their kids. If you are searching for an after school activity for your child, here are a few options you may want to consider. 


For many parents, the debate around whether or not single-sex schools are better than co-educational schools is strongly influenced by memories of their own experiences. It is a discussion that has divided teaching professionals and researchers for many years, but it genuinely just depends on the child. An independent boys’ school in Richmond explore the advantages below.

Although most single-sex schools offer excellent standards of education, they often have quite a relaxed approach. One of the main arguments for single-sex education is that the opposite sex can often become a distraction, especially during the teenage years. Young people often feel that they have to show off in front of the opposite sex, but in a girls-only or boys-only environment, there is no possibility of this.

Single-sex schools are also great for breaking down gender stereotypes. For instance, in an all-boys school, students might not feel as embarrassed to try stereotypically feminine pursuits such as textiles. Teachers can also modify their lesson plans to be better suited to the gender of the class. Children are actively influenced to mature at their own pace, which is harder to do in co-educational environments where girls tend to mature faster than boys.

While there are undeniably lots of benefits of single-sex education, every child is different and it’s wrong to determine what’s best for them based on generalizations. As parents, you know your child better than anyone, so only you can truly decide if a single-sex school is the right option for them.


We've all been there: school crushes, peer pressure, acne breakouts, hormonal changes, and a host of other things that made us confused, scared, and excited all at once. We're all survivors of that phase in life called adolescence.

But we're the lucky ones, we should admit. It's because not everyone who goes through adolescence breezed through it.

Many people fall victim to depression and had to find means to cope with all the stress this phase brings, such as finding help from a clinic that provides dialectal behavior therapy in Westport, CT and other areas. This helps find a resolution to all the negative feelings a teen has. 

If you're a parent and you don't want your adolescent teens to suffer the same fate, you have a lot of work to do. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to help them survive such a challenging phase. Read on to learn about these tips.


Your child’s birthday is within a month. You probably did no planning to create that special day for your child. As parents, the two of you are busy professionals throughout the day. The frustration is mounting as you slowly approach your child’s birthday party. Life is complicated in today’s world. We understand your situation. However, there is no need to panic. Let us provide you with a few quick suggestions to liven up your child’s birthday party while being the envy in your neighborhood.

London is a cosmopolitan city. It welcomes people from all different walks of life or those coming from different parts of the globe. This is why many students choose to study here, not only because of the world-class education, but also the attractive meetings of cultures. However, you have to admit the fact that the city can be quite expensive, and that is a constant that you will need to deal with. That does not mean, though, that you will just go with the flow. There are many ways to go against the expensive current; you should be looking at the right places, and you should come up with methods that will help you reduce living costs.

If you are going to live here for a long time as a student, you will discover that there are a lot of things that will help you get through each day without spending a lot of money. Other than finding good but affordable London accommodations, here are some of the hacks you may want to keep in mind:


Parenting today is not the same as it used to be. In fact, today’s parents are faced with many challenges that previous generations did not have to contend with. What are some of these challenges and how to overcome them? Let us go over these and consider them on a case-by-case basis.

The first and foremost of these childcare challenges is the fact that more households today have two working parents. That leaves no one to take care of the children. The trend for both the father and the mother to work is one that is bound to continue due to social and economic reasons. Additionally, people are retiring at later ages. That makes it more difficult for the grandparents to take care of the kids.


International schools can offer a number of benefits to your child’s education and personal development. These include learning new languages, improved social skills, access to enhanced extra-curricular activities and better career opportunities.

When deciding on the best educational institution for your child, there can be a lot to think about. That is why Orchard House School have put together the following information for parents who are considering an international school…

The daily pressures of school and home, life can sometimes get on top of your children and cause them to feel overwhelmed. Between schoolwork, homework, chores and a busy social life, your child may struggle to maintain a balanced schedule, which can lead to stress and anxiety.

The good news is, there are some simple steps you can take as a parent to relieve some of these daily pressures and help your child to keep on track.

Read on for three easy tips from The Manor Preparatory School to help your child maintain a stress-free and balanced lifestyle…


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With the state of the world the way it is, you may feel like you have no control over your life, or the lives of your loved ones. It's especially scary to think that there's little you can do to protect your children or help to keep them safe.

But I'm here to tell you: that does not have to be the case. There are, in fact, several tools at your disposal to make kids' safety not only possible, but easy. And you have technology to thank for it! Here are just a few of your options:


A great teacher that incorporates great teaching methods are the most critical component of a student’s success. That’s why Teach to One Math relies on their teacher's talents because of they are the instruments that help children love the subject. Thus, this teaching the company enables better experiences and a more professional environment that is more collaborative, rewarding, and sustainable when compared with a traditional classroom set-up. Read on below to see the primary differences that set at Tech to One classroom apart:


School isn’t the only place where children can learn. In fact, parents are a child’s first teacher and educational activities can be explored in the home, without feeling like a classroom lesson. If you’re unsure where to start with home learning, here are some tips from a private primary school in Spain.

If your youngster has a smart phone, tablet or computer, it’s likely they can and do access the internet on a regular basis. Whilst this is great for them in many ways, such as providing a platform for learning and communication, it can also be quite dangerous. This is particularly true for naïve, vulnerable children. That’s why it’s so important for parents to discuss internet safety with their kids. Read on for some tips from a British school in Spain.


It is important for parents to encourage good study habits in children as early as possible. Getting into good habits from the start will benefit your child when the subjects become harder and the workload gets heavier. Studying may not be at the top of your child’s priorities; however you can help to make this time more enjoyable by following these three helpful strategies from Holy Cross School

Starting a new school and making new friends is always a challenging time for children. Some children are naturally sociable and soon pair up with classmates, while others suffer from shyness and take slightly longer to form friendships.

If you are concerned that your child is finding it hard to make friends, here is some helpful advice from Cokethorpe School on how to help your child develop their social skills…