Educational Activities in the Home

School isn’t the only place where children can learn. In fact, parents are a child’s first teacher and educational activities can be explored in the home, without feeling like a classroom lesson. If you’re unsure where to start with home learning, here are some tips from a private primary school in Spain.

Firstly, don’t underestimate how important it is to read to your child from a young age. Reading helps children explore their imagination and creativity, whilst also helping to expand their vocabulary and general spelling and grammar. These are transferrable skills that they will need across all subjects and throughout life.

Leading on from reading, you should also encourage your child to write. Perhaps you could sit down together at the end of each day and write a paragraph or two about some of the noteworthy things that happened to them since they woke up. Perhaps they had a delicious breakfast or maybe they made a new friend; whether they write about the big things or small, writing about it will help them learn descriptive words.

The opportunity to learn is all around you, you just have to put your imagination to the test. You could ask your child to help you measure out ingredients when you’re cooking, to help them with maths. You could take a stroll through a nature reserve and discuss different trees, plants and animals, or how everything changes with each season.

One great idea is to prepare a calendar with different religious festivals and special occasions. Together you can learn about how different cultures celebrate their religious holidays and even celebrate in the same way in your own home. Teaching children about different cultures is fantastic because it will help them to understand and respect people they meet throughout their life that may have a different background to them.


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