Discussing Internet Safety with Your Kids

If your youngster has a smart phone, tablet or computer, it’s likely they can and do access the internet on a regular basis. Whilst this is great for them in many ways, such as providing a platform for learning and communication, it can also be quite dangerous. This is particularly true for naïve, vulnerable children. That’s why it’s so important for parents to discuss internet safety with their kids. Read on for some tips from a British school in Spain.

Of course, there are some obvious measures that parents can take to protect their kids from the dark side of the internet, such as parental blocks. However, even with those in place, our clever kids can still find their way around the controls and into trouble, so you must enforce some rules when it comes to internet use.

Begin with a group chat as a family, in which you can discuss what each of you believes to be appropriate use of technology. Make sure your child knows what personal information is and that it should never be shared online. Let them voice their own opinions and in cases where you disagree, be sure to explain why so that they understand. It’s important that your child knows what unsuitable use of technology can lead to. Of course, you don’t want to frighten your child, but if they’re old enough to be browsing the web then they should be old enough to understand the dangers.

Together you can make a list of websites and apps that your child would like to use and determine whether or not they are age appropriate. Make sure you have boundaries in place in the form of unambiguous rules like NEVER respond to threatening messages, NEVER meet up with anyone you meet online, NEVER share inappropriate photos etc. Rules are in place to protect your child so it’s important to reprimand them if the rules are ever broken.

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