Encouraging Good Study Habits in Your Child

It is important for parents to encourage good study habits in children as early as possible. Getting into good habits from the start will benefit your child when the subjects become harder and the workload gets heavier. Studying may not be at the top of your child’s priorities; however you can help to make this time more enjoyable by following these three helpful strategies from Holy Cross School

  • Creating a routine will help your child to keep on top of their studying. Help your child to set a routine by making a study schedule. This will allow your child to dedicate some of their time, each day to study.  By establishing a routine your child will feel more organised and become better equipped to manage their time effectively. Your child can also use their study schedule as a calendar for upcoming exams and coursework deadlines. By completing tasks and crossing each one off of the schedule, your child may begin to feel less stressed and more motivated.

  • Encourage a positive attitude towards studying by joining in too! Share study time with your son or daughter by catching up on some of your own work. You could even use this time to begin a new online learning course. This is a great way to model good study habits to your child. Perhaps you could study together in the same room and share some of your favourite snacks. This will help to make study time feel special and something to look forward to.

  • If your child is enjoying a particular topic at school, you could arrange an educational day trip to enhance their knowledge. Whether it is a visit to a museum, art gallery or zoo, learning outside of school offers a number of educational benefits and can help to inspire your child. It will also make a fun day out for you to share with your child.

  • Finding private tutors may also help your child learn at their own pace often from the comfort of your home. Hiring a private tutor ensures that your child will not struggle with a subject at school and it's a way to instill a sense of discipline and routine in your child. With a private tutor who has experience working with children can help your child master the basic of difficult subjects and develop a passion for learning.

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