Groomed and Groovy: Why Grooming Matters for Your Furry Friend's Health


Pet parenting can be a tough task. For many, pet ownership is a commitment that involves responsibilities. Feeding, cleaning, and grooming are just some of the tasks pet owners do. ;

The truth is that pet owners often overlook the need for their pet's grooming. It's not that much of a priority, especially when the budget is considered. Yet, it's not just about making your pet look pretty or show-ready. ;

In fact, grooming is an important task that can help your pet's health. Just like humans, pets need holistic care. Here's why you should always make time to groom your furry friend. ;

Brushing and trimming your pet's fur is important.

Brushing your pet's fur is not as grand as going to the pet groomer's for a trim. But it is the simplest grooming task that any pet owner can give their furry friend. It is not that time-consuming, and it can be an opportunity for you and your pet to bond, too. ;

Dogs' and cats' furs vary in quality. Some furs are thick and long, while others are thin and short. It's best to note that pets with longer or thicker fur need more brushing. ;

Brushing fur can help eliminate loose hair and dry skin, which can irritate your pet's skin. It activates their skin's natural oils to get healthier fur growth. Brushing also feels like a relaxing massage to your pet cat or dog. ;

For cats, brushing also prevents hairballs that cause them to vomit. Hairballs can also harm your cat's stomach or intestines, as these may cause blockages. Brushing your pet's fur several times a week will do, even for pets with shorter furs. ;

Trimming is another furry task for pet owners. You may choose to grab your dog grooming shears and do it yourself or make a trip to the grooming salon. Regardless, regular trimming is important as it can prevent rashes and parasitic infestations. ; 

Trimming dog and cat fur can also get rid of long-standing dirt. With well-trimmed fur, your pet is free to move without unnecessary weight. It also promotes healthier fur growth, like brushing. ;

Dental care should also be a priority.

Think of your own dental care regimen. You would, at least, brush your teeth twice a day. Your pet needs that kind of cleaning, too. ;

Not all pet owners are aware that brushing dogs' and cats' teeth improve their quality of life. Many cats and dogs experience periodontal diseases early in their lives. These can lead to painful gum infections that will make it difficult for your pet to eat. ;

Some pets chew on dirt, thinking these are food. Others even munch on cockroaches and other insects. These, among other reasons, can place harm on their dental health. ;

If brushing daily is not realistic, brushing your pet's teeth twice or thrice a week will do the trick. But for pets who are new to brushing, they'll need more time to get used to the routine. Take it slow and sure for the first few tries. ;

Some pets can be resistant to toothbrushing. There are alternatives for the traditional toothbrush and toothpaste routine like dental chews. Another option would be food-soluble additives and dental sprays. ;

Dental check-ups are a must, too. Schedule your pet for a yearly consultation with the vet to know more about their dental health. Many vets also offer dental cleaning. ;

Proper nail care keeps your pet healthy.

Were you ever scratched by your pet dog or cat? Many pet owners clip their pets' nails so they can play with their furry friends with ease. Yet, proper nail care for pets has other health benefits, too. ;

Untrimmed nails can cause your pet cat or dog to have joint pain. Long nails can cause them to move with their paws and pads unaligned. This is a common problem for both cats and dogs. Trimmed nails will help your pet have better mobility. It will also keep the germs out. Invest in a good nail clipper, or have a professional do it for you and your pet. ;

Grooming your pet yourself can be good for your budget. You can choose to do it at home, especially when you're not comfortable bringing your pet outside. But when in doubt, do not be afraid to spend on professional services. ; Your pet needs that special attention, even if it means you will have to spend extra hours to take care of them. After all, they are an investment. Just like humans, they deserve your love and care, too.

**Image source: Pexels.com 

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