Best Pandemic Survival Hacks to Consider


Almost everywhere one looks, COVID-19's ill effects can be seen and felt. From March 2020 when the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 crisis as a global pandemic, and up until today, millions of people in the US and other countries are still struggling to make ends meet as businesses close down and jobs become scarce.


It's no small wonder why a lot of Americans got scared about the thought of getting their social security disability insurance claims (SSDI) affected by the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, COVID-19 doesn't have any negative impact on SSDI and other types of benefits under Title II.

Aside from the financial relief provided by such insurance policies, you could do other things to survive the current crisis, particularly in an economic way. If you're you're a bit clueless about how best to tide over this pandemic, here are some budget-wise tips you must consider:

Do simple mindfulness exercises.

A big part of breezing through any crisis situation is having a clear mind to make wise decisions about finances, relationships, and other aspects of daily life. One popular and effective means of keeping oneself sane during a troubling time is to do some simple mindfulness exercises such as meditation (walking, body scan, and sitting), breathing exercise, self-acceptance, and the like.

Among the known benefits of mindfulness include stress relief, improved focus and sleep, and relief from pain, depression, and hypertension. With these perks from a single type of exercise, it should really be part of your survival list amid a pandemic.

Connect, but don't forget to disconnect.

Being alone in a crisis can be quite hard, especially if you're alone and without any form of contact with the outside world. During the pandemic, technology made it possible for friends and relatives to connect with each other despite the distance between them. Use Zoom, Messenger, or Google Meet to make voice or video calls with people close to you to help you maintain your sense of belonging.

Also, don't forget to disconnect from the internet or television periodically, particularly your access to the news. Pandemics can be quite distressing, more so if you continue to immerse yourself with the troubling news of the day. Counter it by limiting your screen time and exposure to stressful updates, particularly when they're making you anxious or even depressed.

Keep your health in check.

Being stuck at home or detached from family and friends can be quite stressful and could make your health suffer due to loss of sleep, eating disorders, and other ill effects of extreme stress. For this reason, one of the things you should do to help yourself survive the pandemic is to ensure that your health doesn't take the hit.

Among other ways to maintain your health is to have enough sleep, refrain from tobacco and alcohol, and maintain a healthy diet. These things cost practically zero, so there should be no excuse why you shouldn't try them out.

Follow safety protocols.

One of the wisest tips that you can get is that of adhering to safety protocols from health and local officials about minimizing the risks of COVID-19 transmission and exposure. As such, be sure to follow the essential COVID-safety procedures such as social distancing, frequent handwashing, wearing face masks and avoiding large crowds.

While these protocols are maybe inherently restrictive, there are plenty of reasons why they are being enforced in the first place. They have been proven effective in minimizing and even preventing people's chances of getting the deadly virus, so it would be unwise not to heed them.

Do something productive and meaningful.

Idleness is one thing that makes any crisis hard to bear. A great way to avoid getting idle and thinking of all sorts of negative ideas is to keep your mind and body occupied.

For one, you should try pursuing a passion or hobby such as painting or doing minor home renovations. You should also consider home gardening or getting a side job as a remote worker or freelancer.

Another excellent technique to avoid idleness is to volunteer for a good cause. There are plenty of non-profit organizations both international and local that specifically aim to help people who are hard hit by the pandemic. Be sure to find one that you know you can contribute something, whether financially or through your skills.

Getting yourself through this ongoing crisis is hard, admittedly. But with these tips to guide you, there's that huge chance of you surviving it all and emerging a stronger person in the end.

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