Self-Care and Wellness Treatments to Look into in 2021


Moms, it's OK to admit it: 2020 has been one of the worst, if not the worst, year for parenting-and 2021 seems like it will follow suit. The entire family is spending most of their days at home, which means the cooking and the cleaning up after everyone never stops. It's easy to completely neglect ourselves in times like this because so many people depend on us, and we need to do all that we can to make sure that our home is a conducive place for our partners to work and for our kids to study.

But caring for ourselves is a crucial part of caring for others, too. We need to find ways to pamper ourselves in healthy and productive ways. Let 2021 be the year you also prioritize yourself by considering some treatments to look and feel good. Here are some ideas about where to start.

Spider vein treatment

Also known as sclerotherapy, spider vein treatment removes or lessens the spider veins in your legs. There are plenty of factors that contribute to the development of spider veins, like pregnancy, heredity, and hormones. And while they're not entirely dangerous, their presence is not the most sightly thing to see in our skin. The treatment is fairly simple: doctors or experts inject a liquid that causes the vein to collapse by irritating it. After the injection, the area where the vein used to be might look bruised for a while, but it will improve slowly as it begins to heal.

Dental implants

It can be argued that dental implants are an essential treatment you can find on this list because cosmetic dental problems can affect you in more ways than just feeling self-conscious about how you look. It can affect your ability to consume your favorite food, and missing teeth have many potential consequences as time goes on. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, dental implants also maintain your oral health because they support a healthy bite by keeping every tooth properly in place and keeping your jawbone healthy.

LASIK eye surgery

Another treatment you can consider this year is LASIK eye surgery, which is the best way to correct vision issues. A LASIK surgery is performed by changing the shape of the clear tissues in your cornea to improve your vision. While contact lenses and glasses can help correct vision problems, re-shaping the cornea through LASIK surgery can help provide the required refraction more permanently.

Take note, though, that not everyone can be a candidate for this surgery-people who are expecting or nursing, prescribed certain medication, have an unstable vision and dry eye condition. Those whose pupils dilate more than seven millimeters in low light are prohibited from having the surgery. Those who are generally unhealthy are also disqualified from it. Consult with your doctor to know if your current health can handle it-good eyesight can bring so much convenience to your everyday life as a parent.

Laser hair removal

Another permanent treatment to consider is laser hair removal, which can help you remove unwanted hair on your chin, arms, upper lip, underarms, legs, and other intimate parts. The process involves emitting a light that goes into the pigment in your hair. That light is then converted to heat, which destroys the hair follicles or the tube-shaped sacs within your skin-the one that's responsible for producing hairs. I think every mom knows how it feels not to have the time to shave or wax, and getting rid of this problem permanently can help you focus your time and energy on more important tasks.

Counseling or therapy

The past year has been difficult and even downright traumatic for so many people, which is why we must learn to hold space for the pain we feel and to mourn our losses. While talking it out with trusted friends and family can help, nothing will replace the work of mental health professionals who are trained to help people process their grief and their difficult emotions. If you have gone through painful and traumatic experiences in your life, and not just in 2020, consider reaching out to a mental health professional. It will benefit you in ways you never thought it would.

The point is that being able to care for ourselves is we can only give what we can receive. Caring for people we love is one of the most rewarding things we can do as mothers, but we also need to maintain our own self-care so that we can care for others for a long time. You deserve it!

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