Top Tips for Balancing School & Home Life

The daily pressures of school and home, life can sometimes get on top of your children and cause them to feel overwhelmed. Between schoolwork, homework, chores and a busy social life, your child may struggle to maintain a balanced schedule, which can lead to stress and anxiety.

The good news is, there are some simple steps you can take as a parent to relieve some of these daily pressures and help your child to keep on track.

Read on for three easy tips from The Manor Preparatory School to help your child maintain a stress-free and balanced lifestyle…

Time Management

Time management is an incredibly helpful skill to teach your children. Demonstrate how to prioritize important tasks, make to-do lists and set goals. It can be helpful to create a schedule or calendar for your child so that they can manage their tasks and events more efficiently. To help your child feel organized, include homework and exam dates into their schedule, as well as family and personal time to help them relax.

Healthy Lifestyle

It is also really important to help your child keep to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This includes eating the right food, exercising and enjoying some personal time. It is also critical to your child’s wellbeing that they get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can severely impact your child’s ability to concentrate and lead to emotional distress.

Avoid Distractions

Today, it is very easy for parents and children to be distracted by technology and social media. This can cause parents to pay less attention to their children’s needs and cause students to waste time, avoid homework and miss deadlines. If your child is studying, put their smartphones or tablets away, to allow them to fully concentrate on completing their work. Parents should also set a good example and regularly take time out from technology to enjoy family time.

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