Korean Products That Help Your Skin Stay Moisturized

The popularity of Korean skincare and makeup products all over the world has enticed many people to try them out as well. Despite the length of time involved in the 10-step Korean skincare routine, it has never stopped being popular and intriguing.

Because of its massive popularity, online stores of Korean skincare products have also been on the rise, just like the physical stores. For this reason, more people now have access to renowned brands. Korean beauty brands have tons of products, especially for moisturizing, because Korean women prefer glowing and dewy skin over matte and flat. That said, how can we achieve that similar glow without feeling sticky or oily?

Here are the products you need to have that perfect, healthy glow:

1. Cleansers
If you have oily skin, you may be surprised but an oil-based cleanser is actually the best for you. It effectively removes all your makeup, as well as the sweat, dirt, and grime that might have stuck on your face during the day. After using an oil-based cleanser, proceed to a water-based one next. Yes, Koreans use two types of cleansers in their skincare routine. They believe that these two cleanse your face more deeply, compared to only using one of them.

2. Exfoliant
Exfoliating is necessary for all skin types. It gets rid of all dead skin, resulting in smoother, more supple skin. Those with oily skin need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week at most.

Korean exfoliating products have natural ingredients such as sugar and volcanic minerals. Be sure to choose ones that contain no harsh ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin.

3. Toners
Toners balance out the skin's pH levels. It also shrinks the pores and preps them for the other products that you'll apply, such as creams and serums.

4. Essence
The essence hydrates your skin and regenerates its cells. You can apply it after cleansing or toning. To maximize its benefit, you can apply it in between two layers of moisturizing products, which could be a serum and a moisturizer.

5. Sheet Masks and Overnight Masks
Sheet masks are widely available, in a vast range of ingredients and prices. If you want to detox and exfoliate your skin, go for a charcoal sheet mask. The charcoal gets rid of the impurities in your face, leaving it cleaner and softer. Just let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes, and see and feel the results for yourself.

There also are overnight masks, which are different from sheet masks. As its name suggests, you leave on this mask on your face as you sleep. The results are soft and glowing skin right when you wake up in the morning.

6. Eye Cream
Aren't those crow's feet really distracting? They also make you look older and tired. Applying an eye cream can brighten up your eye area and make those unsightly lines, wrinkles, and puffs less visible.

7. Sunscreen
The benefits of sunscreen are already widely known, all the more reason you shouldn't skip it! There are powder-formula sunscreens suitable for the oily-skinned. Otherwise, there is a huge variety of formulas you can choose from.

8. Blurring Product
Cushions and other face makeup products help blur out any imperfections, making you appear flawless and fresher. The formulas of cushion foundations allow you to control its coverage, from sheer to full, so no matter the condition of your skin on a particular day, you always have your cushion to save you.

9. Lip Tint or Lip Oil
Pale and chappy lips make you appear dull, so mask those with a nutrient-rich lip tint or oil. It will make your lips pop and look a bit plumper, too.

With all of these products in your makeup or hygiene kit, you can have clear, smooth, and glowing skin every day. Having healthy skin can boost your confidence and make you look more beautiful any time of the day.

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