Dos & Don'ts on Booking Your First Spa Treatment

When a spa experience is new to you, it’s absolutely vital that you do your homework, cover all the ground and get the skinny on the dos and don’ts. Why? Because you want this first, as well as every subsequent visit to the spa to be an exquisite one, and therefore your first one simply must provide the most positive experience. You want to go back for more, that’s what the best spas do to a person – by pampering them properly and providing all the services you’ve dreamed of, they keep you coming back. Therefore, it’s crucial that you go about your first booking the right way, so you don’t end up with nothing short of a superb first spa experience. Going to the spa for the first time can bring a sense of unease, especially when you don’t know the etiquette, but don’t worry, we’re here to hold your hand through it and make you feel like a fish in the water.

Don’t take any chances

In order to not be disappointed on your very first time, it is crucial that you do your homework. This means comparing and contrasting different spa options in your vicinity (or on vacation if you’re on one). There are so many options, that’s  true, but you want to find the one that is both within your budget but that also caters to your needs. This is exactly why spa websites are so amazing. They provide you with countless spa options, price ranges and services each spa has to offer, so you can take your time and browse until you have found the perfect one that has exactly what you’re looking for.

Do make it easy

We live in the Digital Age and that means that almost every product and service out there is just a few clicks away. So, why waste your time booking your appointment via phone or email when you can use one of the numerous apps and take the easy and convenient route. There are great apps such as Mind Beauty that allow people to book a variety of services in the realm of beauty and wellness including a massage in Hong Kong, and there are tons of similar apps for every major city in the world, so download them and book with ease, wherever you are.

Don’t go ungroomed

This may sound a little like ‘clean your apartment before your cleaning lady arrives’, but it’s true. While not, for instance, removing unwanted hair doesn’t exactly go against spa etiquette, your personal experience and enjoyment will be vastly larger if you take care of business. Nothing ruins a great massage like those little stubbles on your legs. Make sure you’re of course, clean and fresh as a daisy, as this definitely is a matter of proper spa decorum.

Don’t make it awkward

Being completely undressed in front of a stranger can be a tad uncomfortable for a spa neophyte, but simply relax and understand that millions of people frequent spas regularly. These people are professionals and there is no need to be shy in front of them. Now, if you’re in for a full body massage, this will require you to be in your birthday suit, so make sure to defuse the awkwardness by dressing in light and easily removable clothes. This way, the transition from being dressed to undressed will be quicker and less ‘painful’, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Now, in addition to removing this awkwardness, you should also get rid of the one concerning body image. We all have flaws, and we’re not thrilled with the idea of showing them off to a complete stranger, but again – these people are professionals. They care about providing you with the best experience, but what they don’t care is your size, shape, tiny flaws that only you’re focused on, so relax, no one there is judging you.

Don’t overeat

The rules of going to a spa are similar to the ones of going swimming – go light on the food beforehand as you don’t want to feel bloated and heavy. This is supposed to be an enjoyable day, so don’t ruin it by causing yourself discomfort that comes with a rich meal. The one thing that you absolutely should do, prior, during and after your spa session, particularly if you plan on hitting the sauna, is stay hydrated at all times. All these treatments, whether they involve a sauna, massages or facials are amazing for detoxing and de-stressing, but the humid conditions in which they take place can cause you to lose plenty of fluids, so make sure you stock up.

Do speak your mind

If there is something about your massage that causes you discomfort or even pain, don’t stay silent. Again, this is your time and spa professionals are here for you, so if the masseuse is applying too much pressure, do let them know. Despite common beliefs, a massage isn’t supposed to be painful, so if the masseuse is giving you a ‘hard time’ speak your mind and politely ask them to go more gently on you. It’s your prerogative. 

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