7 Women’s Jacket Style That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

A jacket is a woman’s best friend. It’s stylish, versatile, and best of all; it’s easy to throw on. Heading out on a girl’s night out? A badass biker jacket will keep you ready for wherever the evening has in store for you. Or if you’re prepping for a big meeting, a smart blazer is all you need to look like a girl boss in minutes—no heels required!
So on days when your look demands an upgrade, the right jacket will serve you well, which is why it’s a key wardrobe staple that every woman should consider investing in.

Don’t know where to start? Here are seven timeless jacket styles to buy now and wear forever:

1. Denim Jacket
Like your favorite pair of jeans, denim jackets work with everything so you can layer them with whatever you’re wearing for the day without much thought and look effortlessly cool in the process. Providing just the right amount of warmth, they make for ideal outerwear all-year-round. For winter, consider layering denim over a fashionable hoodie for a streetwise look.

2. Smart Blazer
If you believe that blazers are only for the boardroom, think again. Smart blazers are now very much “in”. To style them, Stylecaster recommends rolling up the sleeves and dress it down with a casual pair of boyfriend jeans—and voilà, you’ve got a laid-back yet head-turning style for the weekend.

3. Reversible Jacket
Take your wardrobe to the next level and invest in a jacket that works twice as hard for you. According to denim label BNY Jeans’ article ‘10 Amazing Jackets for Men and Women to Cure Those Rainy Season Blues’, owning a reversible jacket is a great way to add a little something else to your wardrobe. Opt for reversible jackets that come with a rain-proof nylon side so that you can take on the most challenging of weather conditions.

4. Leather Jacket
No versatile wardrobe is complete without a leather jacket. Leather jackets certainly haven’t lost their edge of the years. Throw a leather jacket over a basic white shirt-and-jeans combo and it’s a quick way to look super stylish with this timeless, adaptable jacket.

5. Trenchcoat
This utility outerwear is a true wardrobe classic, and it’s guaranteed to get you through spring, winter and everything in between. When shopping for the perfect trench coat, Glam Radar advises you to stick to versatile neutral hues such as black, white, and tan to ensure that you’ll get the most mileage out of this cold-weather staple.  

6. Army Jacket

On days when you want to look a little rugged, take cues from military fashion designers and throw on a classic army jacket to provide you that coveted edge and character. With an army green color that can act as a neutral, military-inspired outerwear serves as an easy layering piece, especially if you get one that’s incredibly lightweight.

7. Hoodie
Hoodies are synonymous with a chilled out vibe. They are a classic choice of outerwear for when you can’t be bothered to dress up. But hey, this isn’t to say that hoodies can’t look stylish. With the rise of streetwear, the humble hoodie can now be styled in many innovative ways—don’t just pair it with your joggers. Instead, layer yours under a polished blazer or denim jacket for an altogether different dynamic.

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