How to Get Your Child Ready for Another Baby

While you and your partner might be excited for the arrival of another child, it can be a big transition for your first son or daughter. The thought of another child for you to dote on can leave them feeling jealous and resentful.
As they will be used to it being just the three of you, they might be either happy or sad at the prospect of a new sibling. To stop any feelings of being left out, here’s a guide on how to get your child excited over the thought of a younger brother or sister.

Consider Your Child’s Maturity Level
It’s important to consider your child’s maturity level when telling them about their new sibling. For example, a pre-schooler might not understand when a baby is due because they are too young. Therefore, it may be best to tell them the season you are due, and when the time nears, remind them of the timespan that is left.

Answer Your Child’s Questions
Expect your child to have many questions once you have told them you’re pregnant. For example, they might ask where babies come from, which although can be a difficult answer for parents to answer, shouldn’t be one you ignore. You can simply say the baby is kept safely in the mother’s stomach, which may be a good enough answer for them until they are older.
Answering your little one’s questions can prevent confusion or upset, and will help them feel excited for the arrival of their new brother or sister.

Get Your Children Involved
It’s important to make your child feel apart of the pregnancy experience. To do so, you could allow them to attend a scan or ask them to pick toys for their brother and sister. Sit down with them and browse blankets, diapers and toys on sites such as TGN Baby, and have them select a gift for them to give to the baby once it has arrived. Your child will be excited to hand them the present, helping them adjust to the new addition.

Discuss Childbirth Plans
It’s crucial to make babysitter arrangements for your children when the time comes for you to go into hospital. Rather than simply sending your son or daughter off to their grandparents, you should sit them down and explain what they can expect once the day arrives. So, who will pick them up, how long they might need to stay there for, and that you’ll call them as soon as you can. It can help them to understand the process a little bit more.

Consider Allowing Your Child to Visit You in Hospital
If you are happy to do so, allow your child to visit you in the hospital once the baby is born. Try to find a time when no other visitors are around, which will create a special family moment when introducing a child to their new sibling. It will make your child feel like an integral part of the family, so they will be happy to give their new brother or sister a cuddle.

Maintain a Normal Routine

A disturbed routine might cause too much change to your young son or daughter’s life, which could cause them to resent their new sibling. Prove to them that few things will change once the baby arrives by helping them to maintain their normal routine. So, try to keep the rooms the same for as long as possible, and ensure they keep the same meal time and bedtime routine. 

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