5 Dressing and Styling Tips for New Moms

After you’re done being pregnant and have finally become a new mom, standing in front of your open closet can make you feel like you’re in no wo(man’s) land. Your pre-pregnancy clothes don’t quite fit yet and the maternity clothes may give you those baggy shapeless vibes which is a definite style no-no. So, what is a woman to do in this kind of a situation? You don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money on transition clothes, as you do hope to get back to your original size and back into your pre-pregnancy go-tos. No worries, we’ve compiled a simple 5-step list that will add the much-needed pizzazz to your post-pregnancy style and make you feel sexy, appealing and trendy without breaking the bank (too much).

Why buy if you can rent?

The Internet is a miracle. Seriously, you can find anything you need online, including websites that give you the ability to rent clothes that will suit your needs for the time being. Rent the Runway is just one of such sites, and they even have a maternity and a post-partum selection which is perfect for you. It is filled with gorgeous luxurious garments that will look flattering on you and serve you well during this transition period, and the best part is – because you’re renting and not buying, you will spend a great deal less than you would if you were to revamp your entire closet, and let’s face it, you don’t need a closet full of items that you’ll only be wearing for a few months, perhaps even less.

Use what you can

There is absolutely no reason not to put some of your early-period maternity items to use. If you’ve stocked up on maxi dresses and tunics, you can still totally pull them off by using a great little helper – the belt. Belting your wide clothes will accentuate the waist and even give the illusion of one if you haven’t ‘reclaimed’ it yet. The same goes for maternity jeans. If you have a great pair, don’t let the elastic waist put you off – simply wear a nice oversized tee to cover it up and rock the pants for as long as you can because the leg part probably looks great. So, what you need to do is sit down, go through your maternity clothes and keep the items you can still work with, perhaps even alter or have taken in a bit. No reason to throw it all away if you’ve invested in stylish pieces just because they’re a tad too wide.

Turn to accessories

Not being able to wear just about anything you want can make you feel a bit disheartened, but this is where great accessories step in to save the day. You can be wearing the simplest white tee and jeans combo, but if you spice things up with a neck scarf, a pair of structured statement earrings, or a nice necklace, you can take your look to a whole new level. Now, as accessories will always fit (aside from a few rings now and then), they are totally worth the investment, so browse for some luxury watch brands and treat yourself to a great statement piece that can be your signature accessory, as the most stylish women in the world always have something that is ‘so them’ so can a great watch become your signature staple.

Take advantage of the trend!

What happened a while ago is the following: sportswear met casual wear and together they forged a never-ending bond that we’ve come to know and love as the athleisure trend. Now, the trend has evolved so much so fast that there is virtually no way of going wrong about it. You can wear romantic dresses with sneakers, blazers with hoodies, go to brunch in a tracksuit, supermodel style and look totally on trend. The lesson: ditch the stilettos and go for the trendy and mom-friendly sneakers every time you want. Purchase a great pair of track pants and rock them with basic tees, and if you want to add the ‘supermodel element’ all you need is a great solid tote (which is also the perfect stylish alternative to the regular diaper bag), and a pair of killer specs. That’s how Bella Hadid does it, and you can too.

The busy mom makeover

When you’re a new mom it’s understandable that your eyes are always on the baby and that the baby comes first. Therefore, letting yourself go in the skincare, makeup and hair department is totally natural for the first few weeks, but after that, you simply need to steal the time for yourself. Hire a nanny, put your hubby or partner on baby-watch for a couple of hours and go get that hair done. Try a new color, play with highlights, shake things up. Get a hairdo that looks great but is also easy to style on your own. Then, go shopping for some new skincare product. Pamper yourself with a great serum, some new creams, and toners and take back that luminous skin that the post-pregnancy period took from you. A little radiance will make you feel like a brand new woman, and then you can just throw on some sheer foundation or a good BB cream, a touch of mascara and a nude lip, just a smidge of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes (magic for making you look rested and awake) and you are good to go. So now that you know, do all this and then run around town feeling and looking like a hot new mom.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. It is important after you have a baby to try and get back in shape because you also get depressed than also.