How To Relate To Yourself In The Most Positive Ways Possible


We all have our weak points. We all have our vulnerabilities. It’s just part of being a person, and to grow up relatively unscathed is most likely only thanks to being sheltered. What matters is how you choose to live despite those issues, and how you relate to yourself, which is perhaps the most lifelong battle you will ever take part in. The good news? You can win this battle in your favor, again and again, and again until it doesn’t feel like a battle anymore.

Relating to yourself may be hard if you suffer from confidence issues, or if you’re ashamed of your past. However, there’s no reason as to why you should be able to experience anything other than relating to yourself in the best ways possible. You have to ask yourself - can a human being become better and enjoy their own company? If you believe yes, then it’s possible for you to do so.

In order to look in the mirror each morning with a sense of pride, consider implementing these habits into your life:


Waking up in the morning is a big deal. Starting your day with the right attitude is absolutely everything, and will usually help you continue the course of the day with a sense of pride. Then, if something hits you out of the blue, you will have positive momentum to deal with the said issue, and hopefully, utilize your morning strength to help you make it through. A great way to begin in the morning (aside from getting a great nights sleep,) is to begin to use affirmations.

Affirmations are simply thought exercises designed to help you reinforce a thought pattern from morning to morning, or whatever the time of day you feel is most appropriate. For example, waking up in the morning and stating in the mirror ‘I am loved, I have loved ones, I am grateful, I will do the best today, I am beautiful, I am able’ or anything to that personalized effect can help you begin to believe those items. As Lao Tzu once said ‘“Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become…habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character.’ To begin with, the thoughts and words you use can become tailored for your best success each morning, and who knows how far that could get you?

Just as using the muscular circuitry to smile can help you experience happy and content emotions, perhaps repeating affirmations and thoughts to yourself that point you in the direction of your personal ideal could help you generate your best life possible.


We all know that exercise is essential to personal health. However, how many of us diligently practice this? Keeping this effort in mind can help you look forward and feel purposeful in your daily life, help you feel amazing, and also respect yourself for the effort you lay down each morning attempting to get better at your personal affairs.

Exercise needn’t be anything too strenuos. One day you may take a yoga class, the next stretch lightly and walk, the following some hard cardio. Pacing yourself and doing what feels right is a great choice, as is listening to your body and ensuring you always make healthy decisions. Acting as this person can help you feel wonderful from day to day, and in the long term should benefit you.


Journaling is an essential part of examining your thoughts and helping you pour our your emotions on paper. When you do this, you are actively reflecting on them, and often are able to move past the stresses you write about or the chaos you are currently feeling. This can certainly help you feel the most content and emotionally stable, plus it can help you gain some pretty killer stream-of-consciousness writing skills. Journaling is free (aside from pen and paper,) and requires only a little of your time to complete. Consider the free time you may have to do this and see the benefits for yourself.


Sometimes changing your patterns, your behavior, your attitudes towards something, or perhaps even consulting with plastic surgeons to help you correct a physical problem could help you live as your ideal self, to commit to yourself that you are worth it, and the reflective preparation taken over time should help you feel more down to earth and comfortable than you have ever felt. Correcting your course is sometimes necessary or desirable, and so taking care of this may be the push you need to live as your best self.

With these tips, relating to yourself in the best way possible is sure to be a  daily, practical reality, and a long-term boon.

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