Where to Try the Best Ice Cream in The World

There’s hardly anybody in the world who doesn’t love ice cream. It’s one of those things that even when it’s bad, it’s still good. It has surely developed a lot over the years, and today, you can find ice cream in so many flavors and different ways of being served, it’s hard to choose the best ice cream when they are all so good. Nevertheless, here are some of the places where you can find the most delicious ice cream in the world.


There are many amazing ice cream stores in Australia, but Timboon Fine Ice Cream stands out from the rest. It is a unique ice cream store that makes fresh, locally made, and unbelievably delicious ice cream. They use milk right from their neighbor’s farm, fresh cream from local dairies, and many more local ingredients. However, their most important ingredient is love, as every ice cream is made with care and passion, which makes it that much better. They also have more than 20 flavors on offer, from chocolate to licorice.


Ice Cream With a View’s ice cream has been proclaimed the best ice cream of 2017. This ice cream shop is situated in an alpine town of Bled in Slovenia, and it is famous for its lake that has an island in the middle. However, once you try their ice cream, it is bound to become your first association with the town’s name. The winning ice cream contained dark chocolate and raw cocoa beans, but there are many other flavors to choose from. So, if you do find yourself in Slovenia, make sure to taste this ice cream while enjoying the breathtaking view of the lake and surrounding nature.


Koun in Bratislava is one of those ice cream shops that always has a long queue in front. However, don’t let that discourage you – some things are worth waiting for, and this ice cream is definitely one of those things. The shop is very visually appealing, the owner studied at Gelato Academy in Italy, and their ice cream is said to be the best in the city. There are both regular ice creams and sorbets, and they come in many flavors from the simple vanilla to the more exotic fig. Their ice cream is just as beautiful as their shop, and so delicious, you won’t be able to get enough of it.


Besides fingerlickin’ good pizza, Italy is also famous for its amazing ice cream. Rome has more ice cream shops than you could imagine, and they are all so good, it’s hard to choose the best one. However, Come Il Latte stands out as truly one of a kind. Their ice cream is so tasty, it might just change your life. They take the whole experience to a whole new level, and thanks to not being in the center of the city, you won’t even have to wait that long to get your own little taste of heaven.


Chin Chin Labs definitely isn’t afraid of going the extra mile when it comes to their ice cream. Their ice cream is frozen in liquid nitrogen, and its taste can’t be described in words. Their menu is not a mile long, but that’s not an issue because every ice cream on it is equally delicious. Their specials can be quite fancy though, like peach ice cream with caramelized nuts, for example. They also have fantastic toppings, and their ice cream looks so good, you would feel bad about eating it if it didn’t taste even better.


Vanille & Marille is a small pink shop located in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Berlin. In this case, it would be perfectly fine to judge a book by its cover, because the shop looks as good as their ice cream – and the ice cream can totally live up to the lovely décor. Whether you’re into sorbets or the classic types, the shop has it all. And once you try their ice cream, you’re bound to come back for more.

If you love sweets, it’s hard to go wrong with ice cream. It’s easy to see why it’s many people’s favorite dessert – and sometimes a favorite type of food in general. So, if you ever decide to travel the world, make sure to visit some of the above-mentioned ice cream shops and enjoy ice cream like never before.


  1. Gotta love the japanese icecream, also gelato, I like matcha!

  2. I love icecream, especially gelato. Japanese flavours are the best, matcha green tea all the way