Things to Do in Surat

Known for its industrial prowess, Surat has never traditionally been recognized as a tourism destination. The city was primarily known for its silk industry, and also for its large port. The city itself is on the banks of the Tapi River, and holds a huge spot in the colonial history of the nation- the Surat Castle is a testament to the struggle, as it was built to defend the city against invading Portuguese colonists.

Some of the best things to do and experience in the city of Surat are mentioned here:

Visit the Hot Springs of Hajira

Hajira is a picturesque coastal town located at the edge of the Arabian Sea, around 20 kilometers from Surat. The attractions of Hajira include its idyllic, unspoiled beaches and the transshipment port, which was established there owing to its shallow waters. However, the most significant attraction that Hajira has to offer is in the health tourism department, with its hot water springs. The two wells in the town are rich in iron and sulfur content, making them impart significant health benefits to those taking a dip. Therefore, the town has been declared a health resort and is frequented by patients looking for alternative treatment therapies.

Relax at the Dumas Beach

Located around 13 km away from the city, Dumas Beach is best reached using one of the many cab services in Surat. The relaxing beach is relatively unspoilt and is known to be the place frequented by locals to get away from the bustle of the city for a while. Another place of curiosity is the black sand beach of Dumas, which is also said to be one of the most haunted places in India owing to reports of disappearances and paranormal activities there.

Get a dose of history at the Dutch Garden

Smack-dab in the middle of the city lies the Dutch Gardens, which is home to many colonial-era buildings and structures. The place is located close to the Kataragam Gate in Surat and has ancient mausoleums built in memory of the many Dutch and British officials who settled in Surat during the Colonial era.

Check out the Science Centre

The Science Centre in Surat was built to promote learning of science among the children of the city and foster the right temperament towards scientific studies. The place is perfect for a day out with family, as the place houses a Science Museum, an art gallery featuring some fantastic works, a planetarium, and even an amphitheater. However, the traffic might get tough, so make sure to use taxi service in Surat to get there smoothly!

While Surat might not seem like a tourist destination, the fact remains that the city has many amazing locales and monuments spread out in and around it. Vacationing in Surat is sure to be an enjoyable experience, for those from all walks of life.

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