How to Create a Perfect Summer Wardrobe Capsule

Creating the perfect summer wardrobe selection might not be as easy as you might think. Yes, the warm weather helps us get rid of all the layering, but it is the ability of the chosen outfits to be mix and match that will be crucial for your choices. So let's see what are some of the essential steps for creating just the right sized wardrobe capsule for this summer.

Dress to impress

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No summer wardrobe would be complete without a few stunning cheap dresses. These dresses including Zara, Topshop and more, could be available in one place in which Latest Dealers enjoy shopping. Of course, if we want to stick to the limited amount of items it is essential that the dresses we choose are versatile and can easily be changed up with just a few essential accessories. So let's settle on two dress types that need to be in your capsule. The first is a light floral, knee-high dress that you can wear every day with just a stylish set of sandals. However, the design and pattern need to allow for creating a more businessy look by adding a blazer and a pair of pumps or flats. So nothing too bright and shiny or sparkly is an option. A monochromatic chameleon of a dress. No, we won’t say LBD, after all, it is summer, but whichever color you choose needs to match your wardrobe selection perfectly, so that you can mix and match the items from your carefully selected summer wardrobe.

The right kind of bottom

A summer wardrobe capsule is not complete without a perfect pair of pants and at least two stylish denim skirts. Why denim you might ask, well it is the perfect pairing for the light summer shirts and blouses, and with a wide selection of designs and styles there is a denim skirt for every stylish woman out there. Now, the pants are a different story, they will take time and careful consideration because you don’t want to include the wrong pair of pants in your capsule, or you will have a bunch of possible looks goes down the drain. So, when choosing summer pants consider the following, shape, color and comfort. The materials need to be light so that you can handle the heat, while the color and style need to lend themselves to a different type of possible outfit combos. For 2018, the trend will include everything from skinny graphic jeans to fit white slim trousers. The key is selecting the ones that you can use in numerous outfit combos. So a pair of stylish white trousers might be an ideal pick.

It's all about the T-shirts

Sure you can have a blouse or two in your capsule, but at least four T-shirts are a must. And we are not talking about four monochromatic regular T-shirts, no! Designer, patterned, oversized take your pick, each one needs to make a statement and serve as a staple for your entire look. That way based on your daily mood you can exit your home is soft stripped one channeling that sailor look, or you can opt for a printed one paired with black leggings for a more edgier vibe. So one for each summer mood.

Let’s not forget about the shoes

This might be the hardest choice when it comes to selecting wardrobe for your summer capsule. The warm sunny weather just tempts us to change up our shoe game daily, from strappy sandals and flats to pumps and flip flops, there are no limits. But what to do when you really have to limit your selection. Well, settle on three essential pairs. First the flats, great for both business and casual, just add a pop of color so as not to seem boring. Then come stylish sandals, and this season you can expect a lot of pink in the streets, so if this color works well with your wardrobe, don't hesitate to get a pair. Finally, there are the ever needed open-toe pumps, essential for date nights, romantic meetings and those days you just need a confidence boost.

Your summer wardrobe capsule is complete, just some stylish accessories and you are ready to take on the sun with a carefully picked stunning wardrobe selection.

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  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! I love a good of denim shorts and a skirt, they are versatile!