7 Things That Make Cats The Best Pets

There is no denying that cats are one of the most loveable animals on the planet. They are so adorable that some people prefer adopting 3-4 cats at once. There are many reasons that make cats the best pets.

For example, they are not demanding, and don’t seek your attention every time. Another thing that makes them loveable is that they don’t bark at every other person who walks by your house.

We cannot compare cats with dogs or any other pet for that matter because every animal has its own unique qualities.

We cannot expect anyone to change their love for their favourite pets just because we cannot fathom why anyone would like a monkey over a fluffy cat!

But, there are some things that differentiate cats from other animals.

Here, we have mentioned some things that will prove why cats are the best pets!

· They’re Great Companions

One best thing about cats is that they make for great companions. They’re able to pick up on your instincts. For instance, if you’re feeling sad and you can make do with some comfort, cats can easily sense that, and they’ll try to calm you down by turning on their purr machine.

You can pet your cat whenever you want however, they prefer being on their own. Cats are known as the best cuddle buddies.

Yes, you read that right, cats are said to be the best companions when it comes to cuddling and they don’t care who you are so long that they get the cuddle they were promised.

If you have children, then adopting a cat is good, especially if your kids love to play with pets. Taking care of pets will teach your kids about responsibility.

Cats are so easy to take care of - all they need is some food and water and they are good to go.

· You Don’t Need To Take Them Out for Litter

Cats are one of those animals who like to keep everything clean, that’s why you don’t have to let them outside to use the bathroom.

But, you need a litter box in your house, and cats need to be trained to use it. It seems to be intimidating at first, but your cat will take only a few days to learn what they are supposed to do and where to do it.

However, remember to clean the litter box if you don’t want your kitty pooping in the corners of your house.

Cats often spend a lot of time grooming themselves every day and they need your help in it. For example, if your cat has long hair, you can use a brush to eliminate the tangles and mats. Also, if your kitty needs grooming, make sure you use best quality cat trimmers for it.

· You Will Be Free From Rats

Rats or mice often create lots of problems; they spoil the grain, chew on clothes and spoil everything that they can sink their teeth into.

Having a cat at home can help you get rid of them as they’re known as natural mice hunters.

Some people don’t prefer having a cat that runs behind rats all the time, but it is their natural instinct and favourite pastime and we cannot really deny them that now, can we?

· You Don’t Need A Special Room For A Cat

Cats don’t need a special room or space to lie down and take a nap. Everything you own in your house can be their sleeping bed.

However, if you have 3-4 cats in your home, then you might need room to keep their essential supplies.

Make sure you keep all the things neat and clean in the room if you’re adopting more than one cat because they don’t like a messy place at all.

· They Love To Stay Indoors

Cats are those animals who feel safe indoors and can stay in the house as long as they have all the necessities. It is often seen that cats love to sit next to the window, watching birds and other people passing by the house.

Also, if you’re going out for some time, you can leave your cat home alone without worrying too much.

Make sure you don’t take too long to return home because they might love to play with themselves, but they need your love, care, and attention.

However, if you’re going on a business trip for a weekend, then it will be necessary to take help from a pet sitter or any of your friends who is capable of handling your kitty.

· Owning A Cat Doesn’t Cost Much

The best thing about adopting a cat is that you don’t need a huge amount of money to care for it.

However, buying a cat breed that falls into the elite category can be a costly affair as the adoption fees and their needs, such as food, toys or vaccinations varies accordingly.

Apart from this, toys and food for cats will be less expensive as compared to other pets and also you will not have to shell out big bucks for their grooming. Cats love to keep themselves clean and maintained, so you don’t have to buy special products for it.

· They Are Quiet As Compared To Other Pets

Everybody knows that dogs can be really loud at times what with their constant barking which pierces the ears.

On the other hand, cats are animals who love peace and have a zen-like personality.

Cats are territorial so the only time you will see them meowing their heads off is when they are fighting off for what they think is rightfully theirs!

However, their meows are a different matter altogether. Most of the time their meows are enjoyable, and whenever they do this, it means something. For instance, if cats are meowing at night, they might be asking for some food or water. It is their way to communicate with you.

If you’re still confused about which pet you should bring home, then consider the points mentioned above. It will help you understand why cats are the best pets.


  1. I couldn't agree more that cats make the best pets!! Not only are they easy to take care of, but they make the best companions. :) They are fantastic exterminators too!

  2. Cats are great, more than just a companion at times.. definitely good pets