Menswear: Do You Make These Common Mistakes?

Although men's and women's fashion might be different, they still have a few of the same qualities and needs.  For example, men need to have clothes that look and feel good both for the office and for downtime just like women do. Men keeping up with fashion now have many options when it comes to clothing for both business and pleasure.

To keep things simple, let's talk about shirts, specifically dress shirts, and pants, focusing on pants and jeans. You'll be surprised at how much detail you must consider getting these two basics down.

Dress Shirts for Work

Many men assume that dressing up for work requires finding a white shirt that will work with their suit and that looks great when they have their jacket off and roll up their sleeves to get to work. This is an oversimplification of what men need to look for when buying a dress shirt for work. Here are a few more things they must consider:

1.The fabric. While cotton is often seen as the default fabric when it comes to good dress shirts, it's not always the best choice. A better choice would be men's performance clothing because it prevents many of the discomforts associated with cotton, such as perspiration, itching, and getting uncomfortably stiff when starched.

2.The fit. While men understand the idea of fit in a broad sense, they generally miss the nuances. A good fit is one that is compatible with your upper body, working well with your chest, waist and hip measurements. If you’re an athletic guy, slim but not heavily muscled, then you’ll want to look for slim fit. If you’re a muscular guy, then look for normal fit. Finally, if you have a fuller upper body, then choose a loose fit.

3.The collar. Since most men are not aware of how many varieties of collars they can choose from, they default to only one or two familiar types. There are in fact six distinct types of collars: the spread collar, the widespread collar, the wing tip, the classic collar (the straight collar), the band collar and the button-down collar. The type you choose depends on the occasion. If, for example, you’re wearing a tuxedo, then you’ll want to wear the wing tip. If, on the other hand, you want to find the least formal collar, then select the button-down collar.

4.The color. Usually, for corporate attire, you’ll do fine with white, but what if you want to wear a different color for office or business attire? Then your other safe option is blue. Only wear bright or multiple colors for informal occasions like casual dinner parties or afternoons at the beach.

5.The pattern. For most occasions, a monotone color works well. If you do want to wear checked or striped patterns, these are most suitable for casual, social occasions. 

Mistakes to Avoid with Pants

Pants can be broken up into two broad groups—pants and jeans. Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider:

1.Pants: If you want to repel women, wear pleats. The reason women are turned off by pleats are simple and straightforward—they make men look bigger around the waist and thighs. So, what should you wear instead? Try flat-front pants. If you’re a little on the husky side, they will make you look slimmer. If you’re slim, they will accentuate your trim waistline. While you might be able to get away with cuffs, they are somewhat iffy. It really depends on your height. If you’re tall, they will look fine. If you’re short, they will draw unnecessary attention. Finally, keep your pants at mid-rise. If your waistband goes up to your belly button, it looks like you’re trying to model your grandpa. If they go too low, you’re displaying your brand of undies. Mid-rise is just right.

2. Jeans: If you want to look old-fashioned, then wear light-washed jeans. They will convince everyone that you're a time-traveler from the 199os.  Another common mistake that you want to avoid is wearing floppy, baggy jeans. That’s not a good reason to wear denim. You need to tighten things up around the thighs. As for distressed jeans, you could go either way. If you’re a successful person, perhaps even a well-known personality, it’s a way of looking humble, as if you’re understating your recognized value. Alternatively, if you’re just an average guy, then you will probably be mistaken for someone down on their luck.

Ultimately, the reason to dress well as a man is because of how you'll feel. While others may or may not notice your refined sense of taste, you'll feel terrific and live a bold and confident life.


  1. I have made all of these mistakes! Men are harder to shop for than I first thought. I definitely always get my husband the performance clothing for his work shirts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Apparently I've made these mistakes, I didn't realize there were so many different collars! 😂