6 Reasons You Should Try Meditation Right Now

Meditation is something that is often misunderstood. People view it as a bit of an odd hippy practice that just involves sitting cross-legged on the floor with your eyes closed for a bit but it’s so much more than that. Meditation is a way for you to clear your head of all of those messy thoughts and organize your mind. It can help you to put things in perspective and truly understand yourself as a person. People that practice meditation will tell you that it has a profound impact on their lives and makes them a generally happier person. These are just some of the positive and unexpected effects of meditation.

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It Makes You Happier

The things that make us unhappy in life are often illogical; we let stresses and anxieties about the small things build up and it can lead to a lot of bad feelings. When you meditate, you can clear out all of those nagging voices in your head and put things into perspective, which helps you to be rational about the things that are getting you down and live a much happier life. Switching off for a while is a great stress reliever which does you no end of good because extreme stress levels are one of the most common things that make people unhappy.

It Helps With Addiction Problems

If you have an addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, food or anything else, the root of that problem is usually a mental health issue. Sahaja meditation helps with addiction because, as we’ve already seen, it helps you get to the root of those fears and anxieties and live a happier life. By getting in touch with your own mind and understanding why the addiction is there in the first place, and dealing with those root causes, meditation makes it a lot easier for you to keep those negative impulses under control.

Pain Relief

The general belief is that the benefits of meditation are all mental, but it has a lot of physical effects as well, pain relief being one of the major ones. When you’re meditating, your body releases a lot of opioids which are natural painkillers. It will have essentially the same effect as taking medications which do the same thing. If you’re constantly taking lots of painkillers for headaches or back pain or whatever other discomforts you might be feeling, your body will soon start to build up a resistance and they won’t work as effectively. It’s far better to relieve that pain naturally through meditation.

Increases Fertility

Believe it or not, regular meditation sessions could even help you to conceive a baby. One of the biggest dangers for women that are trying to get pregnant is stress, and a lot of excess stress makes it far harder for them to conceive. The stress-reducing benefits of meditation can help a huge amount and make it far more likely that you’ll get pregnant. The body also releases the hormone oxytocin which helps to encourage milk production in mothers when they’re breastfeeding.

Gives You More Energy

When you’re meditating, it activates parts of your nervous system which gives you that relaxed feeling. However, that same part of your nervous system is also capable of giving you an energy boost. That means that when you come out of a meditation session, you’ll have a lot more energy than you usually do. Meditating in the morning is a great idea if you struggle with motivation. It’s also a healthier alternative to drinking a cup of coffee which will only give you a short-term boost before you crash again.

Encourages You To Eat Better

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Studies into healthy eating practices found that when people are stressed out or tired, they’re far more likely to eat quick and easy foods that are packed full of junk. The reduced stress levels and energy boost that you get from meditating regularly will help break you out of those habits and encourage you to cook fresh, healthy food more often. You’ll soon find that your cravings for bad food subside and it’s not that hard to keep up with healthy eating. Another added side effect of this is that you’ll have more energy from the healthy eating as well as the meditation so you’ll find that you’re way more productive.

Meditation isn’t just about sitting around doing nothing for a while. It helps to inspire good thoughts and positive processes inside of your body which makes you happier and healthier every single day, so why not give it a try?


  1. I really need to give this a try. I am an anxious person. I smoke and need to quit. I also eat for comfort. This could help me in so many ways. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This is such a great article! I meditate once in a while and absolutely love how it makes you connected to the world... and its just so freeing! I have to include it more regularily!

  3. I have tried it, but keep forgetting to keep up with it. Good article.

  4. Mediation helps with so many aspects in life. Overall wellbeing and mind body connection benefits.