Rubbish Clearance Idea: Tyre Recycling For Playgrounds and Backyard Fun

Don't put your old tyres in your rubbish clearance! Repurpose them into a children's playground and or backyard fun for the kids! Tyres are the perfect material for playground equipment. They're rugged and almost indestructible while at the same time being more flexible than hard surfaces. This makes tyres them for rumble tumble play activities!

Before you pitch your old tyre into the rubbish clearance pile, remember that the most iconic backyard swing is the tyre swing! You can hang a tyre off a strong tree branch in a vertical position with a strong rope or chain. Let your daughter dangle her feet as she swings back and forth. You can also hang a tyre in the horizontal position to make them a "two-seater" for friends to share. Developmentally, swinging helps develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. Swinging also stimulates the cerebral cortex of the brain to help your child focus and calm their mind. It also helps with sensory integration as it simultaneously

In playgrounds, tyres are very popular to build a variety of climbing structures, complete with hideaways for the kids, some in the design of geodesic domes. Tyres also make incredible climbing walls, vertical or sloped to varying degrees, and designed for kids of different ages. For smaller children, you can have a section of the tyre wall be made with motorcycle tyres. You can group tyres in sequence to build straight or sinuous tunnels for kids to navigate through. A half tyre with a board balanced on top makes a very functional see-saw. For a single person see-saw, use a shortboard. For a two-person see-saw, use a longer board.

Turning tyres into works of kid-friendly art are always a popular way to use tyres in playgrounds and divert them from rubbish clearance. Animals seem to be the most popular motif. You can make rocking horses, flying reindeer, rocking giraffes, ladybugs, colorful multi-segmented centipedes, and many other appealing animals the children will love. Tyre totem poles are also awe-inspiring to children, especially if you can tell a story with the symbols and colors you choose to paint on the tyre totem pole.

Old recycled tyres can be painted with heat resistant paint, so they don't heat up too much during the time of day when solar radiation is most intense (11:00 am to 3:00 pm). Using bright colors and patterns make them very kid friendly and inviting to families. You can also turn this part of the project into a community event or school event and invite kids to help paint the old tyres. Bold stripes, zig zags, polka dots, flowers, stars, handprints, and other designs can be painted on top of a brightly colored background.

Tractor tyres can be rescued from the rubbish clearance too and put to excellent use in a children's playground or backyard for kids! Their extra large size make tracker tyres perfect for building extra large playground creatures such as lime green dragons and spotted dinosaurs. Lay them on the ground and then fill them with sand to make a self-contained sandbox!

Tyres rescued from the rubbish clearance can be used to make comfortable seating for parents and other adults to talk and monitor the children as they play. They also make easy DIY raised garden beds for planting beautiful flowers, herbs, berry bushes, and other plants that can not only be admired by children who use the park, they can also be harvested to take home to enjoy as well.

To turn old tyres into a playground, it's usually best to work as a team. Organize a group of parents and other interested individuals and divy up the tastes. Some people will be best at fundraising, others will be best at organizing the effort, while others will be best at building the structures. You can also put your creative synergy to work to build something very attractive and something your community can be proud of for a long time to come.

Even if you can't use your old tyres to make playground equipment, please don't put your old tyres into your rubbish clearance! The last thing we want is tyres in landfills. They take up a lot of space in landfills, they trap pockets of dangerous methane gas, and they do not biodegrade! Most UK household waste recycling centres will accept old tyres, but it's best to call ahead to make sure and determine if they have a limit on the number they accept.

You can check this webpage to find the one nearest to you:

Transporting your old tryes to a recycling center can be a hassle. Tyres are heavy and awkward to carry. They can also put bad scuff marks on your vehicle. If you want a more convenient way to recycle your tyres, give Clearabee a call and schedule a booking. If you use Clearabee's man and van rubbish clearance service, you'll know for sure your tyres will be recycled or upcycled (perhaps into a playground!) rather than end up in a landfill.

Finally, don't forget about the possibility of building a unique backyard fort out of tires. The best part is you can build a tyre fort that can double as a climbing structure on the outside!


  1. I like the idea of the fort in the backyard. I have a new grandson that can play on it by the time I finish building it lol.

  2. This is such a great idea! I never thought about using tires for playground fun. I have seen some ideas of using tires for planting flowers. There are probably lots of ideas that would keep tires out of the landfill :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is such a great idea. So cute. Thank you so much for sharing this

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  5. These are brilliant ideas, especially the outdoor storage for my gardening items. I would love to start on this project soon. My brother came over to my house, and he just told me that my gardening shed needs a gardening storage makeover.