Do You Suffer From Asthma? Read This Advice

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Millions of people around the world suffer from conditions like asthma from their childhoods. That is an illness that can affect your breathing and leave you feeling out of breath all the time. Also, you stand a chance of suffering asthma attacks at some point too, and many people find that situation scary. If you want to treat your asthma and ensure it affects your life in the most unnoticeable ways possible, it’s sensible to take a read through some of the advice on this page. The tips below should assist you in living a healthy life and ensuring your illness never holds you back from doing all the things you want to do. Best of all? The advice you need to follow for the best results if pretty straightforward.

Avoid exposure to pollen and dust
Both pollen and dust are known to worsen the symptoms of asthma according to outlets like USA Today. In some instances, those elements can even encourage an attack to occur. With that in mind, you need to get in the habit of dusting and cleaning your home on a daily basis. People who do that should notice a vast improvement within only a couple of weeks. You should also take the time to listen to the weather forecasts every single day. Most stations will let you know the pollen count, and you need to pay particular attention to that. If the pollen count is high, there is a decent chance that your asthma is going to worsen if you spend too much time outside in nature. You can also download apps for your smartphone that will tell you the pollen count every day.


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Avoid eating particular foods
Some foods are known to give people with asthma a hard time. A few of them might even help you to lose weight. For example, fruits that contain a lot of sugar can become problematic, as can anything that might cause an allergic reaction to wheat and fish. So, take some time to consider your diet, and then remove the foods that are most likely to cause an issue. It’s a process of trial and error that might take a while, but again, you’ll notice a significant improvement if you stick with the method. Do yourself a favor and decide on your weekly meals at the weekend. You can then create a shopping list to ensure you don’t purchase the wrong foods, and then prepare your meals in advance.

Don’t start smoking
Tobacco smoke is one of the worst things in the world for people with asthma. The last thing you want to do is start smoking at any point in your life. However, you also need to think about the environments in which you place yourself. For instance, there is a decent chance you will encounter lots of tobacco smoke if you attend music gigs and similar events. There are filters you can wear on your face that help to remove some of the dangerous toxins from the air you breathe. Still, you’ll probably only want to use something like that in extreme cases. The items are not dissimilar to the masks you see people wearing in the Eastern world due to high levels of pollution.

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Add ginger to your diet
While the science is still somewhat of a mystery, fresh ginger is known to limit the symptoms of asthma and provide a lot of relief to those who suffer from the condition. Adding some ginger to your diet is going to make a significant difference to the chances of you dealing with asthma attacks in the future. You can use the ginger as a flavoring for your meals or shave some into some hot water for a drink. Ginger is not going to break the bank, and you can get it from most supermarkets these days for next to nothing. Also, ginger remains fresh for a long time, and so you can buy it in bulk to ensure you always have some in the cupboard for emergencies.

Have your inhaler handy at all times
Most asthmatics will know that inhalers are a Godsend. You get them from the doctor following your appointments, and the device is known to prevent asthma attacks from happening. Whenever you notice a shortness of breath; you just have to press on the inhaler and breathe the contents into your lungs. You need to do that within the first couple of minutes when you notice an issue. All ambulances and hospitals will have inhalers handy for you to use. So, you just need to let the medical professionals know if you’re asthmatic and in their care. You can even get some extra products from your doctor if you need to make sure there are lots of them at your workplace and in the home.


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Attend regular medical checkups
Lastly, experts like those from WellStar ENT say that all asthmatics must attend their medical checkups if they want to control and monitor their conditions. Professionals know how to spot warning signs and highlight any issues you might have overlooked. In most instances, the doctor or nurse will conduct some lung function tests to determine how much asthma affects your breathing. They will repeat the process during the following appointment and then compare the results to identify the trend. That means you’ll know if your asthma is getting worse or better, and you’ll also get the best possible tips for dealing with the day to day realities of the illness. If you take no other advice from this page, be sure to see your doctor when they send you a check up letter!

Now you have some excellent tips for living a normal life when you have asthma; nothing should stand in your way. Use the advice from this page to make sure your illness doesn’t take over your life, and that you don’t end up spending too much time in the hospital. You live in the 21st Century, and asthma is nowhere near as severe as it might have been in the past. You can live the same life as everyone else if you just remember to implement the tips and tricks from this post. Good luck!

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