How to Design a Home That Is Easy to Clean

Your home is your castle, right? And you want this castle of yours to be nearly spotless nearly all of the time, don’t you? Well, if you want this to be the case then you have one of two options to choose from: you can, one, devote your life to cleaning at all times, or two, make changes to your home’s design that will help your home stay clean without you having to do too much cleaning yourself. Like the sound the second option? Though you would.

For advice on how to design a home that is easy to clean, make sure to read on.

 Change your floors
Your floors should be the first thing that you focus on when you come to designing an easy-to-clean home simply because they are likely to get dirty more often than anything else in your home. So, get changing them.

When you come to choosing what type of floors would be best for your new, clean home make sure to consider polished concrete floors. Make sure to consider them because, what with their nonporous seals and their little seams, they are just about as easy to clean as pretty much anything — just a little sweep here and there will do and a mop once a week will. And, what all of this means, of course, is that this type of flooring works extra well in the kitchen, so if your kitchen is in dire need of a reflooring make sure to consider it!

Consider installing a central vacuum system

Installing a central vacuum system might sound a bit too high-tech for your home and altogether a bit too far-fetched, but it’s seriously not. It’s seriously not because it’s simple to install and what it will result in is your home is just about as clean and as dust-free as it can pretty much all the time.

This system is basically just a power unit that is fitted permanently inside a room that you seldom use, such as a basement, big cupboard or pantry, and links to many different inlets and hoses around your home that suck up particles of dust wherever they find them, whenever they find them. So, if fighting dust is not your favorite thing to do, then install a CVS.

Give your walls and windows precedence

Your walls and windows, like your floors, succumb easily to uncleanliness. Because of this, and to fight this uncleanliness, you should be giving them great precedence when it comes to your venture to design an easy-to-clean home.

First of all, you should cover your walls in vinyl coverings. Doing so will afford you the chance to wipe down your walls in just about as easy a way as possible, and if you’re worried about the style aspect of this option then don’t be. Don’t be because vinyl now comes in all shapes and sizes and can even come in a way that mimics the finest fashions and fabrics, such as silk and linen. Oh, and vinyl is extremely affordable, too.

Second of all, you should consider having a complete revamp of your windows and even be going as far as having new ones fitted. And, when choosing what new type of window to fit into your home’s walls, look no further than double-hung windows. Look no further than this type of window simply because the sashes on them tilt in a way that makes them far easier to clean than any other type of windows.

Put all of your furniture on casters

By putting each piece of furniture that you own on easy to move casters you will, well, make your furniture easy to move. And, when your furniture is easy to move you will find that jobs of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming will be made just about as quick and easy as they can. Well, why would you want to waste time getting down on your hands and knees in order to try and reach your vacuum underneath your furniture and into its deepest, darkest crevices when you can just wheel the furniture out of the way? To find some of the best, most durable and most movable wheel casters, make sure to head here.
As you can see, you can design a home that makes home cleaning a really easy job. So, go on, get redesigning your home!

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