How to Beat the Winter Blues

When you are not a fan of winter, you will find yourself unwilling to participate in any activity that any other time of the year you enjoy, and it can be depressing. This is a common disorder in many people and is referred to as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). About between 10% to 20% of Americans experience the winter blues, which is quite a significant number. You could, however, beat the winter blues using the following tips and remedies.

1. Spend More Time in the Sun before Winter

Before the start of winter, you should ensure you spend at least four hours in the sun per day. Go somewhere with a lot of sunshine and spend up to five days a week just basking in the sun. Enjoying the sunlight while you still have the opportunity will ensure you don't get too depressed when winter comes.

2. Light Therapy

When winter comes, it is essential you use phototherapy to fight off the seasonal winter blues. Do not use tanning lamps, heat lamps, or ultraviolet light, but rather, use sunlight lamps that have been explicitly designed to help you combat the winter blues. It is essential that you use it in the mornings when it will be most effective. You can find sunlight lamp reviews at examinedexistence.com, to ensure you only get the best quality.

3. Talk with a Therapist

It is vital that you speak to a licensed therapist to ensure you are suffering from winter blues and not a different kind of depression. Your therapist will then try and help you deal with the grief by recommending different solutions and drugs that you could use. Talking with a therapist is especially helpful when you find yourself all alone during winter and you need someone to talk to.

4. Consider Antidepressants

If psychotherapy and phototherapy don't work, then you should consider using antidepressants to help you combat winter blues. Do not, however, use antidepressants that will make you sleepy because this could lead to further depression. Visit a doctor immediately if your symptoms escalate to avoid further depression, even after winter.

5. Try Aromatherapy

Essential oils could just be the key to dealing with your winter blues because they can influence the mood-controlling area of your brain. An increased appetite will lead to reduced depression during the winter. Consider adding to your bath a few drops of essential oils to get a peaceful night's sleep.

6. Exercise

Keeping your body in constant movement is a great way to reduce depression, especially in winter. Go to the gym if you are unable to exercise outside due to the colds or snow. Pick a stationary bike or treadmill that is close to the window and offset the weight that usually comes with winter.


Take solace in the fact that winter will be gone in a short while and you will return to your regular daily schedule and activities. With these few tips, you should be able to ward off depression until spring comes.


  1. I tend to hibernate during the winter. It can definitely be depressing.

  2. Yes I think that aromatherapy will help as well as getting a good foot soak too. I like to use a minty foot soak and scrub as well.

  3. My girlfriend said I need to try aroma therapy as I have been feeling tired all the time. Although I didn't think about this being depression and just thought I wasn't getting enough sleep. I can't be sure. I will have to check out and see where I can get some light therapy locally.