Why You Don't Need to Be a Techie to Create a Successful Blog

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Long years ago, blogging was considered as a highly technical skill that required a lot of learning and technical knowledge. With the development of software and online applications, today anyone can get a blog registered and created in just a few minutes. If your dream is to turn your passion into a regular income, you can get started in a few days, and connect with your audience on multiple channels: social media, video sharing sites, blogs, and forums.

Blogging Platforms
There are several blogging platforms you can install on your site, and you are ready to share your views and opinions in just a few minutes. The two most popular platforms are WordPress and Blogger, and both of them are simple to use, integrate, share, and update. Check out the benefits of using WordPress as your website platform, even if you are not building your business around blogging only at https://unbounce.com/features/wordpress/ and make a decision today. Blogger also offers great monetization options, and you can find plenty of e-commerce plugins that will help you customize your site and sell your own or others’ products or services.
Free Templates and Plugins
No matter if you would like to earn some extra income from advertising revenues generated by your blog, or want to create an affiliate website recommending and reviewing other people’s merchandise, you can find a free template to use that has all the plugins and features your next business needs. Instead of having to pay a web designer to create a unique site from scratch, you can save money and time and start utilizing your new site. You will find plenty of free blogging templates published, available to download and use immediately.  Likewise, instead of programming, you can simply add free plugins to your site that will allow people to sign up for alerts, share your content, or recommend your site to other people in email or on forums.
Drag and Drop Design Tools
Even if you decide to create your unique site instead of using templates, you will find great drag and drop web editors to use provided by your hosting company, or your service provider. You no longer need to learn different programming languages, and can still install different plugins and tools with a click of a button, even if you are not using a standard blogging template. Creating websites is a challenging task for many, but once you are familiar with the tools, you can create the site in no time.
SEO Is Easy
Most online marketing companies will tell you that search engine optimization is hard, just to get you to pay more. The truth is that if you get your readers engaged and sharing your content, you are already halfway there. Search engines take into consideration audience interaction and feedback more than ever, and this means you don’t have to invest in expensive advertising or ranking software to make money from your website. There are some simple SEO methods you can learn and implement over the time that can boost your income, though.
You Might Not Need to Promote Your Blog
If your content is interesting, unique, and engaging, you might not need to pay for promotion, and your audience will do the job for free. Make sure that you have sharing buttons on every page of your site, giving your readers the opportunity to publish your articles and videos on other sites and social media. Other companies and blogs might also decide to use your content and give you credit, driving visitors to your pages for free. It is a win-win situation.
You Can Use Your Mobile for Blogging
You are no longer tied to a desktop when you try to make money online through blogging. You can take photos of a trip and add descriptions, or even set up your phone and create a video blog post. No matter what you are writing or talking about, you can download a blogging app that helps you stay in touch with your audience, reply to comments, questions, and even publish articles.

Whether you are just thinking about starting a blog, or already have one, you can add, modify, and share content easily using simple templates, plugins, and design software. If you have been trying to avoid creating a blog thinking that it was too technical, you don’t have an excuse anymore. With zero investment, you have nothing to lose, and  - if you do it right - you can secure a long-term residual income through blogging.

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