Back To Basics: Show Your Home Some Love

When you want to breathe some life back into your home, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin. There are so many interior design resources out there, all telling us different things and giving us inspiration from every angle. Just going to a homeware store can sometimes be overwhelming; you may pop in for a few new mugs and come out with a rug, some new lights, a mirror, and a set of curtains! We've all been there when the interior bug bites... but did you know that by adorning your house with quite so many trinkets, you could actually be doing the place a disservice? Buying more and more things to make your home look better can actually just leave the area looking cluttered, and as though it has a lack of focus. If you really want to streamline your home and give it a new lease of life, you'll need to start at the beginning- after all, it's an excellent place to start!

What's the point in having a beautifully decorated room if you can't even see it properly? Before you even thinking of doing up a room, make sure you have prime lighting. We don't give lighting enough credit for how it can give our homes an entirely new feel, and you should split your focus between natural lighting and artificial lighting. Firstly, make sure your windows are clean and are dressed in a way that promotes natural light. That means having a set of blinds that actually work, or being able to tie your curtains back when they're not drawn. As far as artificial lighting goes, choose a functional ceiling light (spotlights are always a good option) as well as some smaller table lamps for when you want to set the ambiance.

Just like a great outfit can be totally let down by a frumpy pair of shoes, a beautifully designed room can easily be dragged down by an old and dirty carpet. We often let our carpets linger for much longer than they should, even when we don't perform proper maintenance on them. Thankfully, you can find a great flooring range at Carpet One and at other similar companies, so you'll have no trouble finding a fresh new carpet to really update the look of your room. Once it's been laid down, make sure you know how to care for it properly, so it lasts ten years at least!

Going back to basics with your home decor means creating a great base to work with. Just like your house itself is built on strong foundations, you need an excellent backdrop to allow your other choice pieces of decor to stand out in your home. With this in mind, consider giving your walls a fresh lick of paint, or finally getting rid of that busy, aging wallpaper. It can be an excellent opportunity to start afresh, and you will notice how much it brightens the appearance of your room, no matter what color you go for.

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