5 Easy Ways to Pull Your Look Together

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We all love trying to mimic our favorite celebrities with their perfect style and effortless chic looks and outfits. Enjoying fashion as a form of self-expression can give you an outlet to explore your personality, and it's something that many people hold dear to their identity. Celebrities profoundly influence fashion, creating trends and breaking in new styles and looks for magazines to pick up on and print. Designers are coming up with fresh ways to make fashion new and exciting, and we as women love to follow along, finding what works for us to stylize. Of course, time and money aren't always on our side so these quick tips and tricks will get you to look like celebrity icons in no time!

1.       Darker on the bottom, lighter on top. Wearing dark wash denim or black or navy colors that you can pair with pale blouses is an excellent way to add a stylish edge to your look. It's trendy, fashionable, and simple to follow. Of course, this doesn't have to apply to everything you wear, but keeping it in mind when trying to achieve a quick look is a good idea!

2.       The 2/3 rule. Instead of trying to make each part of your look flawless, just make sure you're nailing 2 out of 3 main areas. For example, if you have a great, fashionable outfit and hairstyle, leave your make-up simple. Or throw your hair in a messy bun and focus on your makeup and clothes. By doing this, you'll look put together more so than not, and most people won't notice the area you skimped.

3.       Do something with your hair. Even if it's just tying it back and adding a pretty clip or ribbon, adding some style to your hair will make you look complete and ready for the day. You can try using products like a hair sponge, for example, is a tool you could use to achieve a number of styles that can play along with your outfit. You don't have to straighten or curl or braid it daily – just throw something nice in it, and you're ready to go.

4.       Keep up with basic hygiene and self-care. Nailcare, facial cleansing, and teeth whitening and hair masks are easy, simple ways to keep on top of your look. These details matter, so try to pay particular attention to these areas to improve your overall look. It can be as little as making sure you remove your makeup before bed.

5.       Choose a focal point. When you're in a hurry, picking one part of your look to be the highlight and styling around that can be a quick way to look as if you spent extra time that morning. Apply a dark, vibrant lipstick shade and throw on a necklace or bracelet that matches the color. Or throw on a bright shirt and use the same eyeshadow shade. Instead of looking at your watch all at once, just focus on one part and spread out from there.

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