Freshen Your Day To Day Look With These Helpful Hacks

Are you seeing the same old look in the mirror day after day? When you’re a busy Mom, it’s essential to have a steady routine to get everything ready in the morning. The trouble is, we can end up doing exactly the same thing every day. That leads to exactly the same look every day! So how can you create a fresh look in the small amount of time you have each morning?

Your ability to create effective routines that save time is your strength. Don’t change it! Instead, put a different color into it each day. This is something you can prep the night before. It’s really easy to be speedy when everything you need is to hand on your dressing table. The trouble is, if you don’t swap shadow pallets or lip glosses out, you’ll be grabbing the same things each day.

To get organized with your color swaps, you need a little bit of foresight into your outfit options. Knowing what you’re going to wear in advance will help you pick out the right colors to coordinate it with. If you give yourself five minutes in the morning to apply your makeup, then give yourself five minutes before bed to set yourself up for the next day.

Start with your top. Every top should have two or three options for a skirt or pants. Even if you prefer trousers to dresses, try to mix it up at least one day a week. From there, you’ll know which shoes to wear and finally which handbag will work best. Now it’s time to pick your accessories. Earrings should compliment the top. It’s all about the neckline and how you’ll wear your hair. Try to wear a different pair each day. It’s surprising how much change in style of earring can affect your look. If you don’t have many sets, try searching local sales, or the overstock jewelry sale elf925 has from time to time. Vary your look to include hoops, drops, and studs during any working week.

Your neckline will also give you some clues about the necklace you should be wearing. At this time of year, you might prefer a light silk scarf though. There are so many different ways to tie a scarf, you could change the whole look of your outfit quite quickly. For a casual outfit, try wearing one as a belt, or to hold back your hair. If you’ve never tied a scarf before, it’s best to practice if you think you might be in a rush in the morning.

So what is the secret of a fresh look every day without buying all-new outfits? Change just one or two things. You’ll be stunned at the effect. Pick a different shadow and gloss color. Change your earrings from studs to hoops and tie your hair back. Wrap a scarf around your handbag handle and choose a bright colored pair of shoes. None of these changes will add any time to your routine, especially if you’ve put the items out on your dresser the night before. Best of all, you haven’t spent a penny on new clothes!

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