The Challenges Of Having A Large Family

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Raising just one child, even if you’re an amazing mother and have the support of a loving partner, can be a trial. When you have two, three, four or even more kids, the job of being a good parent becomes even more difficult. People rarely plan to have large families, but being the head of a large household is your job, whether you like it or not! Here are a few pointers for making it easier…
Everyone Needs to Pitch In
Although chores are kind of an alien concept to a lot of modern kids, if you want to keep a large household running smoothly, everyone need to roll up their sleeves and pitch in. Having a chore chart in the kitchen or another communal area is usually an effective way to teach your kids about domestic responsibilities. By linking these responsibilities around the house with some kind of little reward, you can help your kids towards a positive attitude to housework, that will help them for the rest of their lives. If you’ve been pretty lax about chores so far, you’re going to get a lot of resistance. However, by holding everyone to different responsibilities, you’ll create a happier, more easily managed home.
Organisation is Essential
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There’s no telling how many hours have been wasted through miscommunication and mismanagement on the part of parents of with a lot of kids. There’ll be days where some parents need three different kids in three different places at once, all the while preparing a dinner and helping the younger children with their homework. A lack of organisation can be especially taxing during big, stressful projects like moving, where you’re trying to account for all your children with a phone pressed between your shoulder and your ear, sorting out last-minute details with your removalists. If you find your home is erupting into chaos far too often, try starting a family calendar, and using it to keep track of everyone’s individual schedules. Note down absolutely everything, from the gear your child needs for their PE classes to school project deadlines to little tasks in your personal life. Once you get into the habit of consulting this calendar often, everything will become much more organised.
Minimise the Mess
Keeping a tidy place may have been simple when you were a young adult in your first apartment, but with so many extra people in the home, minimising mess can be a real trial. Set some time aside every day for organising and throwing out some of the clutter in your home. an hour or so after you’ve dropped your kids at school is usually a good time. Just be sure to consult your children before you throw anything away. It may not seem like they care about a certain toy, but if they notice it’s missing, you’re certain to hear about it! When your kids are at home, try to encourage them to pick up after themselves, and return things to where they’re kept. Persistence is the key here!

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