4 Comeback 90s Trends You Forgot All About

When we think of bygone fashion eras, there are a few specific ones that come to mind. The 1950s were all about the teddy-boy look; the 1960's brought hippie to the masses, and the 80s were famed for huge hair and shoulder pads. But the 1990's were the decade that fashion forgot: until now. Typically, 90s fashion was ridiculed by the mainstream media for some years after it died out, and in some cases, it had good reason to be. Super low-rise jeans and butterfly hair clips are definitely as questionable now as they were back then, and certain 90s trends probably will never see a revival. But, as so many of us know, what goes around comes around, and a decade on, some of the biggest 90s trends have made a surprise return to our runways and stores. Here are just a few of them, along with some tips on how you can work them into your everyday wardrobe.

Tartan/printed skirts
If you had to name one iconic movie that encapsulated the 1990s, chances are you'd probably say Clueless. Every 90s girl dreamed of having a closet that mimicked Cher's, and one of her looks that have come back recently is the printed miniskirt. Tartan was the pattern of choice for Cher in the movie (who could forget that mustard yellow co-ordinating number?), but you can go for any print you like. Gingham, plaid, tartan... it's up to you! Opt for an A-line cut and pair with some knee high socks and some Doc Martens for ultimate 90s cool.

Flannel shirts
On a similar note, no 90s wardrobe would be complete without the appearance of a few flannel shirts. Again, tartan and plaid are the classic options, but there are plenty of different patterns and designs to choose from. Flannel is one of the easiest things in the world to style and is so comfy too. Wear your over denim shorts or leggings for some slouchy daytime cool. Not sure where to pick one up from? Your best bet is to head to your local thrift store, where they will have a huge range for you to peruse.

Statement jewelry
It was during the 1990s that the jewelry market started becoming more and more daring, and the recent revival has been getting involved too. Companies such as www.frostnyc.com specialize in street-style statement jewelry pieces, which can easily bring that little bit of sparkle to your outfit. Big up the bling with a gold neck chain or draw people's attention with a beautifully encrusted watch.

Iridescent makeup
As far as 90s makeup goes, one of the worst looks was perhaps the azure blue eyeshadow. But that said, pale, shimmery makeup has been making a comeback recently, giving a subtle nod to some of these iconic 90s trends. Use a silver-based eye palette for a quirky take on the classic smokey eye, and don't forget to highlight your cheekbones for that 90s-inspired dewy glow.

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