Why We Are Obsessed With Home Cooked Food And You Should Be Too!

Is there anything better than a delicious home cooked meal? Especially, with the days getting colder and the nights drawing in! However, in today's society where there is work to do and the kids to look after, it sometimes easier to grab takeout or a ready meal. But that means you and your family are missing out on all the benefits of a good home cooked meal. Read on to find out why home cooking is just the best!


First of all one of the reasons home cooked meal are so good is because you get to decide what goes into them. That’s right you can control the amount of fat and salt that you cook with. You can also choose to use organic veg and high fiber pasta, making the meals healthier, but still delicious.

Next, home cooked meals have a reputation for being hearty. You have the real comfort meal favorites like mac and cheese, cottage pie, and spaghetti bolognese that everyone loves.

The great thing about home cooking is that you can decide on the size of the portion and the style of meal. It's best when you cook warming recipes like stews, casseroles, and soups when it's cold. Then eating these will make you all feed cozy and satisfied after your meal.

To make you meals extra hearty, why not have a go at making your own bread as an accompaniment? Don't worry, though; it's a bit easier now than back in the old days! Especially with so many bread makers and kitchen mixers on the market. If you are not quite sure which kitchen gadget you need to make the best bread, do some research before you part with your money. Check out reviews like: www.mixitbakeit.com/kitchenaid-professional-600, for some more information.

Believe it or not cooking from scratch at home can actually be fun. You don't have to cook a three-course meal every night. A simple one pot dish will be enjoyed as much as anything else by your family. You can even use the slow cooker to make it easy.

The trick to having fun while cooking is to use the best ingredients. Set aside enough time so that you are not rushed. Put on an audio book or your favorite radio station and ban everyone else from the kitchen. Then you are having some quality me time as well as preparing a tasty meal for your family.

Get the Kids Involved
Of course, some people use their home cooking as a reason to get the whole family together. Some even get the kids involved in the cooking! While it’s less relaxing than having some cooking ‘me time’, cooking homemade dishes with the kids is still a valuable activity.

In this way, they learn the skills of preparing and cooking and a meal, while being safely supervised. By cooking kids also get familiar with what the different types of ingredients are. It also helps them to be more independent as they grow up, and assists them to make healthier food choices through their life.

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