Do You Drink Smoothie? This Should Convince You


What one eats impacts significantly on the quality of the life they lead. In today’s diet-conscious world, smoothies have become a superior addition to most people’s food timetables. A smoothie denotes a creamy, thick, and cold drink comprised of vegetables, raw fruit, and sometimes dairy products, which is created using a blender. Apart from presenting consumers with numerous health benefits, smoothies are also incredibly easy to make. For those who aren’t convinced yet, here are the top five benefits of consuming smoothies.


Smoothies Present an Effortless Solution for Losing Weight


Unlike exercising, smoothies present users with a remarkable option for an individual looking to lose weight effortlessly. However, it’s imperative to note that not all smoothies can trigger weight loss. For example, a smoothie that skimps on fiber will be ineffective.  This is because consuming fiber in the morning keeps an individual full, helping an individual to avoid the temptations of taking junk for the rest of the day.


Ideally, a weight loss smoothie shouldn’t rely on vegetables solely as they don’t contain sufficient fiber. Instead, the number of fruits should equate to that of vegetables. Bananas are among the most commonly used fruits for smoothies. Nevertheless, one banana is not enough as it only contains 2.8 grams of fiber, yet one should get a minimum of 10 grams every day. It, therefore, helps to seek an appropriate amount of fiber from such foods as kale, avocado, pear, kiwi, Chia seeds, and berries to name a few.


Enhanced Nutrient Absorption


Sometimes, people don’t chew their meals like they ought to, which makes it hard, and sometimes impossible for the digestive system to break down the food cell walls. As a result, the food materials make it through the digestive tract undigested, which renders them useless. This is where a blender comes in handy to make the smoothie, if you like one visit this blender guide. A blender will be able to break down the food components effectively into small portions before ingesting them, allowing the nutrients to be released effortlessly from the cell walls. Thus, it will make it easier for individuals who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome among other digestive problems benefitting a great deal from it.


Detoxifying the Body


Smoothies contain vital ingredients that are not only nutritious but also detoxifying. Such ingredients include papaya, garlic, and beetroots. Vegetables like cauliflower contain sulforaphane, a compound known for triggering the body cells to produce detoxifying enzymes. Raspberries, on the other hand, serve to add an attractive color in a smoothie while also providing antioxidants that protect a person from mold toxins.  Owing to the amount of fiber contained in smoothies, the temptation of snacking with junk foods will be eliminated. Hence, the individual will not be introducing harmful toxins into their bloodstream.


Enhanced Brain’s Functionality


The human brain is a pivotal organ that controls the functionality of the entire body. Most people take their brain for granted until old age kicks in, which is when it begins to weaken. For example, they will be unable to recall where they placed their car keys, or the name of the new friend they met earlier that day. This is not to mention their reduced ability to perform cognitive tasks, which gives every person a superior reason to drink smoothies regularly, if not on a daily basis.


Ideally, the smoothies should contain blueberries, which contain flavonoids that not only enhance memory among the elderly but also the learning capacity in children. Beets are also an excellent addition in every glass of smoothie as they contain high amounts of nitrates. Thanks to the nitrates, nitric oxide is produced in abundance, which causes the widening of blood vessels that, in turn, increase the amount of blood flowing to the brain. The increased cerebral blood flow is essential for improved brain health and functionality.


Strengthened Bones


The human bones are tasked with protecting the internal organs, providing structure as well as storing calcium. For this reason, those who don’t drink smoothies are highly advised to start doing so in a bid to strengthen their bones. Particularly, dark-leafed vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin k, magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium, all of which are essential for superior bone health. For instance, almonds, which are a common addition in most home-made smoothies, help users to fight stress, cut belly fat, and build strong bones. Thanks to the abundance of calcium and phosphorous in these nuts, one is able to drink their way to strong and healthy bones within no time. Kales, on the other hand, not only contain vital minerals but are also loaded with vitamin K, which protects the bones from breaking down.


Do It Yourself smoothies reign supreme as the users know what exactly they are consuming. Most smoothies are high in nutrients and carbohydrates, which keep the consumer’s mind alert and strengthen their bones to name a few benefits. Smoothies allow one to consume high amounts of different vegetables and fruits in just a single glass.  Besides, vegetables and fruits are more nutritious when drunk rather than when eaten. There is no doubt that smoothies are a superior addition to the diet of those who are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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