Learning About Filipina Moms and Their Strengths


Filipino women are highly family-oriented. They think more about their loved ones and always prioritize them instead of themselves. When they get married and have children, they always think about what is best for their family and are wont to making sacrifices just so the family will remain intact and enjoy a good life.


When Filipino women become mothers, they often put their children on top of their priority list. They do not mind all the hardships of raising children as long as they know that their children are happy. Even during their most vulnerable moments, Filipina moms remain strong and resilient. They base their strengths on family and their offspring.


Below are some facts about Filipina moms and the traits that make them strong women worthy of admiration.

They Look for Wellness in Everything

When it comes to their family, especially their children, Filipino moms want only the best and the healthiest. They are known as "segurista," which means that they always make sure that things are beneficial and go according to plan. Especially with the onset of new technologies these days, Filipino moms always find ways to ensure that their children are well-protected from all sorts of harm.


They also make sure to give their children the things that make them happy even though sometimes it is hard for them to do so due to financial constraints and other reasons. Filipino moms are also disciplinarians. Even though they want to make their children happy and want to give them everything they want, they also want to have their children grow into useful, respectful, and good humans.


They Handle the Family Budget Well

According to a study, 81% of Filipina moms are worriers about money. Due to this, most of them have become skillful in budgeting the monthly salaries of their husbands. In the same study made by JWT, it is reported that 80% of Filipina moms are the main purchasers in their households. It has also been reported that 73% of these moms are the main financial decision-makers at home.


They Do Not Forget to Love Themselves

Family life can sometimes take a toll on a married woman's health. This is also very true with Filipina moms. The many responsibilities and problems they juggle every day can lead them to depression and other mental health conditions. Fortunately, most Filipina moms are resilient. They remain strong despite all the problems they face in life.


To make themselves forget the problems they face daily for a little while, they often get involved in shopping, buying themselves trendy clothing, lovely shoes, and accessories. These women also buy themselves gifts sometimes, purchasing gorgeous mini bags for women they often use during parties and social gatherings. They also do not forget to take care of their skin and their overall well-being.


They Are Independent

Filipina moms do not rely on others to take care of themselves. They know they are more than capable of taking good care of their health and themselves even when they do not have someone to help them get through life. They also value hard work, making sure that they can perform their jobs well so that they will be worthy of receiving the salaries due to them.


They Are Multi-taskers

Filipina moms do not want to limit what they can do just because they have children and families to take care of. They are used to doing several things all at once. They can be entrepreneurs and manage their own businesses while at the same time making sure that the family gets what they need and deserve.


Filipina moms can successfully juggle their family life, social life, and careers, and businesses. It has become easier for them to juggle all these things in these modern times because new technologies have allowed them to perform entrepreneurial activities even when they are confined to the comfort of their homes. Filipina moms can turn from an entrepreneur or a corporate professional into a household manager real quick.


Filipina moms are change-makers. They help bring success to their household by doing things that used to be done only by men. Many women are now performing tasks that were thought to be male-oriented only in the past. They can perform tasks that, in old times, would not have been appropriate for them. They are also mostly emotionally strong. They can face anything as long as they know they are right and well within their duties. Their strengths radiate into their children, leading to happier family life.

**Image source: Pexels.com

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