How Often & For How Long Should You Shampoo Your Hair?


This is a question that everyone asks at some point. You’ll have heard of people that never wash their hair and swear it feels and looks great. At the other end of the spectrum are those that wash their hair once, or even twice, a day.

But how often and for how long should you be washing your hair? 

Know Your Hair Type

The truth is that it’s different for everyone. You need to know your hair type as this plays a role in how often you should be washing your hair.

The main hair types are greasy, normal, and dry. The greasier your hair is the less time you’ll be able to leave it between washes. This may mean washing every day. Dry hair will continue to look good for longer and can be washed every other day. But, you need to take extra care of it to add moisture. Normal hair is a very general description designed to cover all other types of hair.

If you have normal hair you’ll have to experiment with how long you can leave it between washes and still have it looking and feeling good.

The Right Product

Take a look at the Nioxin range of hair products and you’ll notice an array of natural ingredients. These are designed to work with your body. They won’t just keep your hair looking good, they will help your hair to stay healthy.

It’s as important to have good hair products as it is to understand how often your hair should be washed. If you use the wrong products they are likely to be full of chemicals that will strip the oils and nutrition from your hair.

This doesn’t change the basic advice, washing your hair every other day is generally the best approach. It will maintain the health of your hair without overdoing it.

Of course, the right product also means deciding between shampoo, conditioner, and a combination of both. In general, it is best to shampoo first. This can be quick, gently lather the shampoo into your hair and then rinse it out. This removes debris and other contaminants.

On the other hand, conditioner can be left in your hair for three to five minutes. It gives the product time to soak into your hair, protecting it and nourishing it before you rinse it out.

You should also note that hot water is more likely to damage your hair. It is better to use warm water. This is especially true if you have dyed your hair.

Top Tip

If you want what’s best for your hair you should try t wash it every other day. This can be difficult at first but, if you persevere you’ll find your hair adapts. Washing every day, even with a good quality product, risks washing the protective oils out of your scalp. That’s why it’s worth training your hair to be washed every other day. With the right product, it will still look fantastic.

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