4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family’s Confidence Intact amid COVID-19


Self-esteem is a critical ingredient that defines a person's character and influences the things he or she can and can't do particularly when there people watching. Without it, it would be next to impossible to survive in a world that has become increasingly interactive.

Some individuals have high self-esteem, which explains why they can carry themselves well in front of others; others, meanwhile, have low regard for themselves, which is why they tend to be shy and unwilling to take risks when there's the slightest chance of them being judged if they fail.

Accordingly, among the ill effects of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis was the rise in substance abuse and mental health problems among the affected population. For example, data showed that 4 out of every 10 US adults experienced depression and anxiety because of the pandemic's effects. Some of the known mental health-related impacts of the pandemic include appetite loss, sleeping disorder, and substance or alcohol abuse.

Now, if anyone in your family has started showing signs of low self-esteem, you need to act quickly to address the situation. By doing so, you can avoid the more serious effects of the crisis such as the ones mentioned.

Here are four ways to maintain high morale and solid self-esteem within your family amid the raging pandemic:

Maintain everyone's oral health

A person's smile is among the first things that people notice. Not only does having a great smile indicative of an individual's sunny disposition and high self-esteem, but is also a sign that the person has excellent hygiene and oral health regimen.

As such, you need to ensure that your family's overall oral health is kept in great condition by having regular visits to your family dentist. If someone in the family has crooked teeth, then you should head straight to an orthodontic appliance aligner lab to have the necessary aligners fitted on your family member's teeth for correction.

By maintaining great oral health, your entire family can give a full smile to people (in a socially-distanced way, of course) without worrying about how your teeth look.

Do something productive, no matter how seemingly insignificant

They say that idleness breeds ill thoughts and deeds. This makes perfect sense because just sitting in a corner without doing anything meaningful to occupy the mind can be quite a way to spark bouts of anxiety and depression.

You can try to counter such a situation by doing anything that makes wise use of your spare time. It can be by doing a small home repair project, growing your own food, or teaching non-techie neighbors how to use their smartphones to video call their relatives living miles away (something you can do from six meters away).

So, the bottom line is to just try to accomplish something no matter how big or small it may be. By doing so, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment that could be enough to keep you going amid the crisis.

Follow the Laws of Attraction

The Laws of Attraction involve three key principles, namely:

  • Like attracts like. Positive thoughts lead to positive things, while negative ideas attract negative consequences.


  • Nature hates vacuums. Getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts and replacing them only with positive ones.


  • The present is always perfect. Finding ways to make an imperfect moment perfect.

While these three principles may seem simple enough, they actually require a great deal of hard work and intrinsic discipline to pull off. As such, be sure to make conscious efforts to practice them one step at a time until they become second nature on your end.

Volunteer your talent, spare money, or time

Even as vaccines against the virus have been developed and are now being administered to people, many are still in the struggling phase and continue to require assistance from people who have the means to extend a hand to them. If you're among the ones who are lucky enough to have food on your table and still manage to have savings despite the financial impact of the pandemic, then try to find ways to help other people.

You can volunteer your talent at organizations that do outreach programs to affected communities, donate to your chosen charitable institution, or just use whatever available time you have to help someone in the community no matter how mundane the task may be.

Getting out of this pandemic still with your values and self-confidence intact would be a challenge but is something that's not impossible to achieve. Just follow these simple tips and you'll be enjoying solid self-esteem to help you survive the ongoing crisis.

**Image source: Pexels.com

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