Top Tips for Sixth Formers Planning to Go to Uni

Surviving Sixth Form is quite an achievement, even more so if you’re also planning to go to university. It’s a very dynamic period in a young person’s life and lots of potential opportunities will start to make themselves known. Understanding what to do next will be challenging for you, especially if you are applying to universities so you must take advantage of the advice that’s available to you. Here are some tips from a senior school in Hertfordshire.

Firstly and arguably most importantly, you need to think long and hard about the subject you would like to go on to study at university. If you’ve come this far, you’re probably already aware of what degree subjects you’re a levels might lead to and what grades are required. However, don’t just choose a subject that you think naturally follows on from your a levels; you need to choose something that you enjoy and are truly passionate about, but also that you’re good at. Don’t set yourself up for failure or unhappiness.

You must try your best to build good relationships with the academic and pastoral staff at your Sixth Form or college, as they are the people that will be able to help guide you and assist with your personal statement. Teachers are there for the sole reason to help their students succeed, so you need to make use of this and be pro-active when seeking advice. 

Consider taking up some extracurricular commitments to complement your application. Universities love to see applicants who have something about them; something to talk about other than their grades. Of course, you need to be careful not to let any out-of-school commitments interfere with your school work and jeopardise your grades. 

Generally speaking, while you’re a sixth form student you will need to make healthy lifestyle choices. Get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet and ensure that you take a break from your studies to socialise and relax. Most importantly, enjoy your time there and try not to get too stressed over your university applications.

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