5 Alternative Therapies to Try

Your health and wellbeing should continually be of optimum importance. That’s why it’s always a good idea to research the many alternative therapy options which may be available to you. More natural remedies can not only help your body but your mind, too.

Here are 5 alternative therapies you can try.

1.    Acupuncture
Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles into the body. These needles are inserted at designated acupuncture points, which are the places on the body where most stimulation will be gleaned for the nerves and muscles. It’s also known to help your body release positive chemicals that can assist with pain and stress relief.

This method of therapy is done with the understanding of your body’s energy; acupuncture aims to restore the balance to your body’s flow.

It can be used to target specific pain, but also serves as a wellness alternative, such as for those suffering with anxiety.

2.    IV Therapy
This treatment is a great solution for many specific ailments alongside a general improvement of overall wellbeing. Having IV hydration therapy means that your body can receive a tailored package that targets your needs. This could be anything from tackling fatigue and increasing your body’s vitamin intake, to finding a fast solution to recovering from the flu.

IV therapy is the perfect alternative for anybody looking to flush toxins from their body and receive a solution of the right vitamins and minerals.

3.    Reflexology
This alternative concentrates on how your body is linked through the central nervous system. Reflexology targets certain points on your body, such as your feet, hands, and face, in which the healthcare professional will apply a certain amount of pressure to these points in order to stimulate nerves and to relieve tension in the body.

It can be a great way to improve mood, help you to relax and also help you to sleep better.

4.    Massage
Massages come in many different forms, with many different levels of pressure. Finding the right massage for you means understanding the needs of your body. For instance, deep tissue massage is best suited for chronic pain or particular stiffness. Lighter massages or aromatherapy massages would have more focus on wellbeing and relaxation.

You can also receive a massage tailored for a specific area of the body, such as head and shoulder massage if you are feeling tension in a particular place.

5.    Reiki
This therapy technique is devised around the aura of the body. Its purpose is to restore a low force of energy found in the body to its natural and full state. This is done through the Japanese technique of laying the hands-on certain energy points of the body. Reiki is therefore devised to make the body’s energy flow more freely, reduce stress and embrace healing properties.

Reiki can be very relaxing and uses minimal pressurized touching compared to deep massage, for example. Reiki is more about the energy and aura rather than working the muscles of the body.

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