Top Hair Trends for 2020

Every new year brings us new trends. If you’re in the business world, you might be looking at stock trends. For those who love clothes, you might be following fashion trends. If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re interested in beauty. Beauty trends can change at the drop of a hat, but we’re here to give you the scoop before you miss it. To stay ahead of the trends this year, here are the top hair trends of 2020.

Bobs are IN. No, we’re not talking about the terrible, blunt-cut bobs that our moms would give us when we were 10 years old. We’re talking chic shortcuts. Bobs have been around for a while and there’s a reason for that. When they’re done right, they look amazing! Bobs look exceptionally well on thick hair, and let’s face it - all of us aren’t so lucky. The good news is that products like keratin hair fibres are the perfect remedy to give us the volume we all need to achieve the perfect shortcut.

Beach Waves
There’s nothing wrong with letting loose! The same can be said for your hair. Beach waves are normally a popular trend that we see pop up in the warmer months, but they’ll be trending all 2020. This textured look can be perfect for your most elegant looks to even the most casual occasions. While beach waves often require a particular curling technique, simply curl your hair and a few days later, you’ll find yourself with luxe waves.

Textured Hair
While beach waves just scratch the surface, textured hair is a big trend for the start of the decade. With beach waves leading the list, you’ll see many women rocking their naturally textured hair from soft waves to 4C kinks. The list continues with protective styles like braids and locks. And the ‘70s are rounding out this hair trend with another popular trend that’s coming back - shaggy hair.

Curtain Bangs
We’re starting the new year off with a bang! In our youth, the terrible bobs our moms gave us were often accompanied by an even worse bang. 2020 is bringing back the bang in a better way. Gone are the bluntly cut kitchen scissors bangs, and here to stay are curtain bangs. More appealing than their choppy alternative, this style is meant to frame the face in a flattering way. Plus, the growing-out process won’t be so painful! If you aren't sure of the style, there are clip-in bangs made from real human hair that you can try.

This new year, you might be looking to change something up. As you work on all those new resolutions, a new look could be in the cards for you. If you’re going to achieve these beautiful hairstyles, you’ll probably need the full hair to go with it. We could always use a bit more fullness and thickness, and all you really need is a product that's going to add volume and thickness. Once you get it, these top hair trends of 2020 are going to take you straight through the year and beyond.

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