Short Hairstyles to Try in 2020

There is nothing like stepping into a new year with a chic new haircut. After years of long beachy waves, shorter hairstyles have never been cooler. Here are five chic looks that will be huge in 2020.

The Jagged Edge Bob

It feels like everyone is getting a sleek and shiny bob but in 2020 this cut is going to grow an edge. The jagged edge bob is a little raggedy and lived in, plus it’s much easier to maintain. Adding soft layers to the ends makes the cut move better and feels much fresher.

This cut can be added to an already bob cut. If you’re a little wary about taking the plunge, add a texturizing spray to your hair and muss it up with your hands, this way you can see if the messier look suits you.

 The Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bobs with a solid baseline makes hair look healthy and thicker, it also works for all textures and partings. Asymmetrical bobs can be a varied look that incorporates your unique style from undercuts to waves and layers.

We love the blunt asymmetrical bob seen on the likes of Dua Lipa and Gabrielle Union, it feels high fashion without a trace of ‘I need to speak to the manager.’ If this is too harsh, try keeping it a collar bone skimming length and softly curling into under on the ends for a 60s vibe. This versatile style can then be curled with hot rollers to create that retro glam Marilyn Monroe effect.

Bowl Cut

Made famous by Mary Quant in the 1960s, the bowl cut has been appearing on the runways throughout the year. Charlize Theron has been rocking a bowl cut during the filming of Fast and Furious 8, Kristen Stewart made her bowl cut wig look extra chic in the recent Charlie’s Angels and Kaia Gerber a pastel wig in the style on the Fendi Haute Couture Fall 2019 runway in Rome.

Ask your stylist to trim the hair straight across and connected it into a slight V at the back of the head, this is a simple way of updating the cut. The modern cut is all about finding the right proportions for your face, making sure the cut enhances your best features. Leave the sides and bangs longer, it doesn’t have to be exactly eyebrow level to look good, in fact it being an unusual length will make it feel more modern and edgy.

Pixie Cut

The 60s will be huge in the hair and beauty world in 2020. What is more mod than the pixie cut made famous by Goldie Hawn and Mia Farrow. Modern starlets like Zoe Kravitz love the low-maintenance  tight pixie. Once trimmed to the scalp, simply blow dry clean hair and part it deeply to the side. Too much fuss and product will stop it looking so young and fresh.

 Pixie cuts are going to be seen in peroxide blonde hues and vibrant tones of rainbow colours, as well as styled into 1920s inspired finger waves. Accessorize with bold hair slides and headbands, which have been seen across runaways this season.

The Modern Shag

Another retro haircut predicted to make a big comeback in 2020 is the modern shag, only with more texture. A shag haircut suits all lengths, cuts and colours but remember to always cut to suit your face shape and natural texture. Stay away from too many even layers, that makes it look a little too Jennifer Aniston circa late 90s.

Women are now embracing their natural textures, the shag cut allows them to enhance that. A shag is cut by pulling all the hair forward with a dramatic contrast of layering. Razor cutting the hair when wet, and then making the adjustments after drying will give you movement and stop it looking too heavy.   If you have straight hair, ask for choppy ends so you can scrunch it and it will look best when air dried. For curly hair, ask for your layers to be cut avoiding the fullness to be kept on the ends.

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