Regain Control over Your Temper Before It’s Too Late in Five Ways

Do you often find yourself triggered even over the smallest things? Are you getting in trouble due to your hot temper? Is your relationship with others being affected due to your constant anger and mood swings? Then you, my friend, need to stop thinking about "I" and start controlling your anger.

Anger is indeed a natural, healthy emotion. But uncontrolled fuming and excessive anger issues can take a toll not only on your health but your relationship with others as well. It can even cause physical altercations, aggression, and other problematic situations. To regain control and keep your calm, here are simple yet effective strategies that you can try:

Stop, breathe, and think before you speak

In the heat of the moment, it is easy to say hurtful words to others. You may not mean them, but you can never take them back and take away the hurt you've already caused. To avoid this, stop yourself and take a breather. Collect your thoughts before speaking again. This way, you've already managed to calm yourself down and think things through before you speak.

Find other activities that help you calm down

Whenever you find yourself about to lose your temper, give yourself a timeout and do other activities instead. Take a short walk, listen to your favorite tunes, or stretch. Even going to a quiet space can help. Doing other activities and focusing on other things than those that trigger your anger can greatly help ease your anger.

Practice yoga

Yoga is one practice that involves a lot of stretching, meditating, balancing, and deep breathing. This is not only helpful in relieving yourself of stress, attaining happiness, and experiencing freedom. It can also help you release those pent-up anger you've been keeping for a while now. By joining spiritual yoga retreats, you can unmask your anger and learn better ways to manage and stop it from taking over your life.

Use rewording exercises

Whenever you find yourself faced with situations wherein you start the blaming game, do this. Instead of talking while focusing on other people's faults, try to find a better word that will help tackle a solution to the problem. For instance, you find yourself saying, "You never think about my feelings." You can say, "I'm upset with what you said. I am not comfortable when you…" Describe the problem in a way wherein the other party won't get defended. You'll find it easier to resolve the issue by rewording your statements.

Seek help if you no longer know what to do

There is no shame in asking for help if you can no longer manage your anger on your own. You can seek help from your loved ones or, better yet, the pros. There are kinds of anger management therapy available in groups and one-on-one sessions. You will be given a clear set of guidelines that aims to help you examine your anger, release your emotions, and achieve constructive responses.

These are five ways that are proven effective in managing anger. Know that there are many others with the same issue. By learning how to control your anger, you can foster a better relationship with yourself and with others. You'll feel healthier and better, knowing you now have control over your emotions.

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