5 Reasons Why Every Family Should Visit Australia

If you’re looking for the next destination for your family vacation, look no further! Australia has everything kids, teens AND parents can wish for: a plethora of fun things to do, breathtaking things to see and delicious things to taste. Here are our top five reasons for you to visit Australia with your kids and you’ll surely book your ticket in a heartbeat!

It’s rich in cute wildlife

If you have a family full of little animal lovers, Australia is where you should go to really get to know all sorts of wildlife. You can see kangaroos, possums, crocs and colorful cockatoos right from your train or even when taking a stroll through suburbia! But, if your stay is too short to go exploring on your own, there are wildlife parks and great zoos all around the country. Some zoos have special shows and events where you can get up close and personal with different kinds of cuddly Aussie animals and even hand-feed them. And, don’t even get us started on the underwater beauties! Make sure to visit the Great Barrier Reef and explore the marine life. These experiences can only be enjoyed in the land Down Under.

It’s perfect for road trips

We all know that there’s no better bonding opportunity than road trips, and Australia is your perfect road trip destination. Why? Well, it’s big, gorgeous, exciting and the traffic is super smooth! So, no matter if you’re staying for a month or only a few days, make sure to rent some wheels and hit the road with your family. For instance, Avis car hire will supply you with a ride wherever you are for a very reasonable price. You can choose from a wide variety of vehicles, depending on the size of your family, and you can also get some special deals if you’re renting for longer. So, just pick your wheels and let Australia charm you with its breathtaking coastal roads, fun cities, and awe-worthy deserts!

It has an interesting culture

It’s really important for children to learn about different cultures, especially those that are often neglected. Australia has an amazing history and even more incredible Aboriginal culture that will educate not only the youngsters but also the parents. If you can, make sure to visit Uluru, the living monument and a sacred place of Aboriginal people. But, if that’s too far away from your accommodation, you can also check out didgeridoo shows, learn about ancient dances, music, and weapons just outside Cairns in wonderful Tjapukai.

It has amazing food

No matter how picky your kids are when it comes to food, Australia will always provide. This country has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world because the entire continent is a melting pot of different nationalities, races, and religions that all brought their delicious food with them. So, today, you can have tasty Turkish falafel bites as an appetiser, go next door for Vietnamese dumplings and finish your meal with a French chocolate soufflé from across the street. There are also many Australian chefs that prepare amazing fusion dishes which bring together European and Asian flavors and cooking styles. Plus, Aussies know kids love their ice cream and they are among the most renowned winemakers in the world adults definitely adore! All in all, Australian cuisine has something for every palate.

Its beaches are top-notch

There’s no place kids love more than the beach and Australia has over 11,000 beaches to choose from. But, since the sea conditions can be a bit harsh at times, seek out calm beaches if you have young kids. For instance, Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas is gently sloping and calm. You can also visit the famous Bondi Beach and keep an eye on the Bondi Rescue crew or check out Surfers Paradise in The Gold Coast and get a few surfing lessons for older kids. Another popular beach destination is Byron Bay, as it is packed with lots of activities to choose from. Those private and spacious Byron Bay villas for rent are perfect for your family.  There’s truly a beach for every age and activity!

No matter the city you choose, you’ll always have something super fun and kid-friendly to do, so pack your suitcases and visit Oz right now. Keep in mind these five must-experience things in Australia, but just know that there are many more amazing attractions you can check out when you come back (and you’ll surely want to!)

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