5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs A Facelift

The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of your home. So if yours is less than welcoming it’s time to give it a facelift. But how do you know if your kitchen is ready for a makeover? Here, we take a look at some of the key signs to look out for that suggest you might need to take a trip to the DIY store or hire in a professional to give your room a complete revamp.

Sign 1 – Cramping And Constriction
Are you always alone in your kitchen? If so, is that because there’s just no room for anyone else to get in there with you? The best kitchens are the ones which offer sufficient space for everyone in the family to get together, share some family time and to enjoy themselves. However, if your kitchen is too cramped or constricted, it’s no longer a family room. You would probably be better off having a complete renovation to make your kitchen into an open plan area that frees up a lot of space and encourages better social interaction between family members.

Sign 2 – Your Kitchen Is A Nightmare To Clean
If you dread cleaning your kitchen because of all the nooks and crannies that accumulate dirt and bacteria, it’s definitely time for a kitchen facelift. A sloppy kitchen layout with a poorly planned space paired with peeling and cracked countertop surfaces makes any room difficult to keep clean and that could result in an unhygienic cooking environment. It’s time to think about getting some new countertops, replacing your tiling, upgrading your appliances and switching your flooring to something which you can wipe clean in a flash.

Sign 3 – Cluttered Countertops
Another key sign that your kitchen needs a makeover is clutter all over your countertops. That just reeks of a lack of storage and poor space planning. If you have utensils, food and small appliances covering every spare inch of countertop, it’s time to plan in some more cabinet space, more drawers and more effective use of the vertical in your kitchen. An open countertop which has no clutter on it doesn’t just make your room look and feel better, it makes it easier to clean and easier to work in. It’s definitely time to look at investing in a butcher’s block, some more cabinets or, even better, a kitchen island. Storage is also likely to be a problem when everything is difficult to find in your drawers and cabinets. If you’re wasting precious cooking time digging through the back of a cabinet for an elusive ingredient or having to remove drawers to find something which has fallen to the back behind them, it’s definitely time for a facelift.

Sign 4 – A Dark And Uninviting Space
Is your kitchen like a black hole? Lots of kitchens have very poor lighting, often with only a single fitting in the center of the room. That’s not very welcoming and it can really affect your ability to work properly when preparing food. Think about installing some recessed and dimmable lighting or possibly some under or in-cabinet spotlights to create a warmer and cozier feel while highlighting the best features of your kitchen.

Sign 5 – Dripping And Damaged Faucets
Is your faucet always dripping? That isn’t just annoying it’s also a terrible waste of water. It’s definitely time to think about changing your faucets for some stylish new ones. This can actually make your entire sink area look a lot more modern and trick guests into thinking you’ve had a full kitchen makeover when you’ve only made a few simple changes. The latest beautiful chrome and brass faucets can bring an elegant look to any kitchen and will be a wonderful asset to any room without breaking the bank.

Now that you know the signs to look for, does your kitchen need a complete makeover? If it does, there are lots of changes you can make. Either call in a professional to do a complete renovation or perform a few simple DIY changes yourself. Either way, with a little love and attention, even the most out of date kitchen can look beautiful again.

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