Ways To Workout Without Feeling Like You're Miserable

If you’ve decided that you need to exercise more to get fit and shape up, you’re probably wondering what types of exercise you should add to your workout regime. Although jogging and going to the gym to use a treadmill or exercise bike are two of the most common choices among those who are trying to shed the pounds and tone up, they’re also two quite boring options. If you’ve tried either of these forms of exercise before and have found them unbearably dull, you’re going to need to look a little outside the box for a more interesting way of working out, otherwise, you won’t be able to stick to your good intentions.

If you’re looking for more exciting ways to work out, here are some suggestions that you might prefer. Whatever you enjoy, one of these ideas is sure to appeal to you.

Take A Dance Class
One of the best ways to work out and have fun at the same time is to take a dance class. You can choose from many different types of dance from traditional options like ballet and tap to more unusual choices like salsa and street dance. All are a lot of fun and can help you to get fit in no time. Even dance classes which appear to be quite sedate such as ballroom can actually take a lot of physical stamina and effort, and you’ll find yourself shaping up in just a few weeks. Dance classes aren’t just for kids, and whether you opt for a one to one session or to join an adult class, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner either. There are lots of dance types which don’t require partners and even if the type of dance you want to learn does require a partner, there will always be someone else at the class to work with.

Play Basketball
If you want to keep your exercise regime less formal, why not install a basketball hoop in your backyard and shoot some hoops? Jumping and running, even in your own yard, will get your heart pounding and your muscles functioning. If you make sufficient time every day to practise you’ll not only learn new skills but you’ll also start to notice the difference in your fitness level. If you have weak ankles, there’s no need to worry. An ankle brace will help to prevent injury and support your ankle as you practise your new favorite sport.

Go Swimming
Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise there is and yet it’s also one of the most fun. Because you don’t feel like you’re working too hard thanks to the soothing sensation of the warm water, you can exercise for longer and you’ll shape up more rapidly because of the all over effect that this form of exercise has on your whole body. It’s also an effective form of cardio workout to boost your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health. Swim in a river, a lake, the sea or your local pool and enjoy the benefits.

Join A Zumba Class
Zumba is a really fun form of exercise. Like dancing but with a bit of aerobics thrown in, you’ll enjoy the high paced workout which is always done to really pumping music. When you join a class, you’ll also meet lots of like-minded people who will soon become your friends. You’ll enjoy singing along to the songs and you’re sure to enjoy learning the new dance moves. An hour will go by before you know it and you can also practise at home thanks to the many Zumba DVDs and tutorials that you can find online.

Any of these options would be a great way to incorporate more exercise into your life. All of them are a lot more fun than simply hitting the treadmill or pounding the sidewalk. Whether you love basketball, dance or swimming, one of these suggestions is sure to hit the spot with you and help you to shape up, lose weight and get fit this year, helping you to achieve the fitness goals that you’ve set for yourself. 

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