Lime Crime Set To Get A Revamp Following Acquisition By Tengram Capital Partners

During the past few months, the beauty industry has gone through several shifts, especially with some of the bigger cult-favorite brands across the world. Anastasia Beverly Hills was one of the first brands to undergo a transition when it was acquired by TPG Capital. The brand had grown to become one of the top eyebrow makeup brands and had been seeing a rapid amount of growth in this category. The acquisition was undertaken with the intention of pushing the brand further into the beauty industry. Many cosmetic giants also underwent a number of mergers and acquisitions, carrying forward the brands that have formed a place in the hearts of makeup lovers.

Another brand that recently went through a similar process as that of Anastasia Beverly Hills was Lime Crime. The vegan beauty favorite was newly acquired through a deal with Tengram Capital Partners and was set to go through an entire revamp in terms of what it had to offer. Even though the brand was known throughout the world, it started to see diminishing profits as a result of the sheer competition that exists in this industry.

New Ventures For The Brand

The acquisition of Lime Crime was what seemed to be the logical course of action following a number of hurdles that the brand had faced along the way. Even though the brand was overall considered to be one of the top names within the makeup industry, it was surrounded by a number of discrepancies that affected the profits that the brand experienced. As a result of this, selling a majority stake to an investment company who could funnel resources to better the brand seemed to be the best course of action.

Two of the main components that the company is looking to develop is in the area of packaging and marketing. These were two components of the business plan that Lime Crime was already weak at, which is why it becomes essential to take on the necessary measures to improve the visibility and quality of the brand.

Helping The Brand Grow

One of the main reasons why Tengram Capital Partners considered this makeup brand for their acquisition is because of the factors that they pay attention to when narrowing down their options. One of the leading indicators that the company stands by is the ownership and manner in which it is run. Tengram Capital Partners only enters into merger and acquisition deals with makeup brands if they have been founded and are being run by the same person. The company believes that this establishes a good line of consistency that helps build up the brand image and customer base. Once the acquisition has gone through, Tengram Capital Partners tries to focus on expanding the brand from what it already was and decides to divulge into new arrays for its growth and development.

Improvements to the managerial team at the makeup brand were also something that Tengram Capital Partners saw as essential for the progress of the company. To this effect, the company decided to bring in a new set of executives who were already well versed with this sector, and who could push the brand even further.

A New Hope For The Brand

With all the improvements that are being made to the basic structuring of the company, it is safe to say that the makeup brand is heading in a positive direction. The impact that Tengram Capital Partners is having on the company is already being showcased, and there is a lot more than the company plans to help the brand within the future. With these changes, the vegan beauty industry is surely going to experience a big upset with this cult beauty favorite emerging at the top.

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