How to Look After Yourself After a Hospital Stay

Finding out that you need to go into hospital to receive treatment can be a scary time, but you must always remember that this is a step forward towards your long-term health being preserved. When your treatment or operation is completed, and you are discharged, this doesn’t mean your care stops, it simply means you take over the responsibility. Undergoing hospital treatment and potentially a lengthy stay can have a negative effect on the body that you need to know how to counteract so that you can get back to be your old self in no time.

This article will cover three simple ways to ensure you’re right as rain:
  • Staying physically strong
  • Eating healthy
  • Keeping vigilant for problems

Building yourself back up

One side effect of staying in a hospital bed is that you can lose some of the strength in your body, particularly your legs, and find you have a hard time being mobile when you leave. Learning how to regain strength in your legs is easy and can be done by putting together some simple exercises. You can adapt the number of repetitions you do depend on the severity of your surgery.
  • Start by doing some gentle stretches for three minutes
  • Three squats held for ten seconds each
  • Stand on one leg and balance for ten seconds, repeat with the other leg
  • Lunge and hold for five seconds, repeat with the other leg

The right diet

Your diet will play a huge role in your healing process once you get home, so it is then vital that you know what you should and shouldn't be eating to have the smoothest recovery possible. To get you started, here are three types of food you should be stocking up on:
  • High-fiber foods: whole-grain, fruits, vegetables, cereal
Eating high-fiber foods is not only healthy but contributes to avoiding constipation which is a common complication after surgery.
  • Lean protein: steamed chicken and rice, nuts, tofu, beans, seafood
Protein will boost the metabolism of your body and help you to absorb more of the nutrients from food to keep your energy high and body healthy.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables: broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, bananas
Eating fresh fruit and veg is good all year long but especially important when you are in recovery as these foods will give your body the needed boost of vitamins to feel great and mend.

If something isn’t right

When you leave the hospital, you must be very aware that your body is in a vulnerable position and be especially vigilant for any pain or signs of infection. If you find there has been an oversight that has to lead you to suffer, you need to get in contact with a reputable medical negligence solicitor in Leeds who can help give you legal guidance about how to get justice for this medical mistake.

Getting out of the hospital is a great time as it means you are over the majority of your treatment but don’t forget to look out for yourself afterward. If you need extra help, do not be afraid to reach out. There are plenty of people for you to lean on during this difficult time.

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