Keep a Digital Check on Your Kids with This Parental Monitoring App

Contemporary monitoring technology empowers the parents to supervise their children even if they are not in the same room. Indeed, there has been prolonged debate on “helicopter parents” versus the ones who use technology as a babysitter. But the use of parental monitoring apps is on the surge due to the convenience and innovation they offer in easing the parenting burden.

Xnspy is one such spying app for parents who are concerned about their kids’ gadget use. Social media and internet are not learning portal for the kids anymore. Kids play games on them; they make friends on social media, show their dissent, watch videos, and do everything else that’s bad for them. With the device use growing day by day, screen time is also adding to the growing list of concerns. Xnspy is one of those apps for parents that doesn’t only address the aforementioned concerns but helps parents align their kids’ digital behavior.

How to use Xnspy?

Most of the smartphones or tabs that we use at our home have only two operating systems on them i.e. Android and iOS. Many parental apps on the market would require the parents to jailbreak or root the smartphone before setting up the app. Since some parents are not typically into the devices a lot, the may budge at the idea of using those apps on their kids’ devices.

Xnspy has a simple compatibility and does not set any such requirements for the parents. All you need to do is to subscribe and set up the app by following simple instructions and you are good to go. The only requirement it has is an uninterrupted internet connection to set up the app and to keep you updated about the latest developments on your child’s phone.

How Xnspy assists you in parenting

The purpose of Xnspy is not to encourage spying on your kid but to ensure that he/she is safe when exposed to the online threats while using a smartphone. Xnspy aims to provide a thorough monitoring experience without placing restrictions on kids’ cell phone use. But how does it help the parents? Simply put, it monitors almost everything about your kids’ digital behavior. Here are a few of the ways it can assist you:

1.      Control screen time

Kids display an obsessive behavior when given unrestricted use of digital devices. Some of the kids would spend hours on YouTube streaming their favorite videos about toys. While spending time on their favorite hobbies is not bad at all, the problem is when they start spending hours on YouTube or playing a certain game that compromises their health and studies.

Xnspy, with its remote monitoring features, allows the parents to block any such app on their kids mobile. There are a few ways Xnspy can restrict your child’s screen time. One way would be to know the apps through your Xnspy account. It will show you the apps or new games that your kid has been playing recently. If your child is using a tab, then you can block that certain app which is responsible for long screen time periods. But if the screen time is not under control and he/she is using other apps or simply surfing on the internet for hours, then you can remotely lock the device without touching it. In this way, Xnspy’s screen time controls will assist you in regulating the device use of your kid.

2.      Proper use of social media

Social media contributes the most percentage of digital dangers associated with smartphone use. Social media apps and messengers are the most commonly used apps on the smartphone. And there is an app for everything now. Photo lovers use Instagram; those looking for dates swipe on Tinder, and those want to do instant messaging and free calls, they download WhatsApp. With so many apps, it isn’t easy for the parents to monitor each app. One way Xnspy makes social media monitoring convenient for you is by giving you virtual access to all their chats on popular social media messengers.

For example, you can see all the chats including the group chats of your kids’ school friends to trace any signs of bullying. You can see in Facebook messenger if any stranger is not spamming her inbox with messages. Not only the chats but you can also see the shared media on these platforms to remain aware of what kind of content is being shared.

3.      Track their location

Location tracking is particularly helpful when your teen insists on increased autonomy. If the parents are not ready to grant that freedom to the kid, then this is where location tracking can help establish that trust which could bring a win-win situation for both the parties. Parents can convey to their children that they want to remain informed about their plans. And they can confirm that by reaching out to them through location tracking service. This will make sure that your kid only goes to the location he promised you about and you would not have the discomfort of an unaware parent.
Other than controlling the social media and general cell phone use, Xnspy also assists you through its location tracking tools to know where your kid has been all day. It gives you location information of your kid through its location log. You can see that in your account. And if you are too busy to go through the complete list, then simply add the locations on the watch list that you want to be informed about. If you kid visits the watch listed location, Xnspy will send you a notification, thus making monitoring efficient and focused.

4.      Remotely Supervise

Though parenting is a full-time job but parents have lot other tasks at hand that keep them busy throughout the day. But the thought of the kids is always there in the back of their mind. Remote supervision is a feature that allows the parents to monitor the safety of their kids from a distance. Not only in controlling the use of the device but remote monitoring also helps the parents to monitor the safety of their kids.
Xnspy’s remote monitoring tools are quite useful for the remote supervision of kids. There are a few ways Xnspy allows you to maintain the safety of your kid through their device. You can simply add those words and even contacts that you want to be alerted about in your Xnspy’s Watchlist feature. For example, if you added the word “kill” in this list, you will be alerted if the word is exchanged on your kid’s device. Similarly, if your kid is out and he has lost the mobile, you can remotely wipe all the data on his/her phone to plug any misuse of the device. Finally, you can remotely lock the device if you feel your kid is not adhering to the screen time rules you set with them.

Xnspy is no substitute for the time that you spend with your child. It is only a spying app that makes parenting easier when you are not around your kids. If you educate your children about the right use of these devices, apps like Xnspy could help you precisely achieve your parenting goals.

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