Could Your Mattress Be to Blame for Your Aches and Pains?

Has it been weeks, months, or even a year since you remember waking up feeling rested and free of pain? Have you been thinking it’s time to see a doctor about your constant aches and pains? While this discomfort could certainly be a sign of various things that are going on in your body, one of the main culprits of waking up in this state is your mattress. That’s right, that very thing you look to in order to provide you with rest and relaxation may, in fact, be doing more harm than good.

So what are the signs that could signal your bed is to blame for the aches and pains? Well, there are a few.

When is the Pain Most Noticeable?

The first question to ask yourself is when the pain is most noticeable. Typically, if your mattress is to blame, then the pain you feel is in your back. It also means the pain will be strongest when you first wake up and for about the first 15-30 minutes that you move around in the morning. In general, some light stretches will ease the pain and even take it away completely.

Are You Spending Your Nights Tossing and Turning?

Do you find yourself tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable? Do you pass it off as the fact you’ve just had a long tiring day and your body is having a hard time relaxing? In reality, your mattress could be to blame for the tossing and turning. If it doesn’t offer the right amount of support then you will find you have pressure points on your body. These can be painful and even lead to a pins and needles sensation.

Think back to when you first bought your mattress: were you tossing and turning that much? Another question to ask yourself is whether or not you sleep better on the couch. If you toss around less on the couch, then that’s another big warning sign. However, you should also consider other causes of restless sleep that could be affecting you.

You Have a Headache in the Morning that Fades Through the Day

If you find you are constantly waking up with a headache, yet it wasn’t there when you went to bed the night before, then clearly it is occurring while you sleep. In this case, it could be your mattress and your pillow that need replacing.

Ready for a New Mattress

Now that you’ve determined that your mattress is likely to blame for your discomfort, there’s a good chance you’re ready to start shopping for a new one. It’s a good idea to start by doing research on the different brands and types of mattresses so you get an idea of what would be best for you. An excellent place to start your research is with reviewers such as bestmattress-brand.org, as they provide all kinds of in-depth guides and reviews you can pour through.

Pain-Free Days are In Your Future

Before you go rushing off to visit the doctor, you may want to try shopping for a new mattress and see where that gets you. It could be that a brand new mattress is a key to pain-free days.


  1. Lately, Ive been having a lot of back and neck pain and wondered if it's because of my mattress. It's only about 2 years old but I can sometimes feel the springs:( I never realized just how much it affects the way you sleep. This is the perfect excuse for me to go mattress shopping!

  2. I have definitely got pain that my mattress is to blame for. The mattress springs seem to have popped up but I can't afford a new mattress sadly!

  3. Definitely. Nothing is worse than sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. It can ruin both your back and your sleep.

  4. Yes, I once had this bad experience, when we got a new mattress and I had sleepless nights. It was really uncomfortable as my back started paining. I got that exchanged the next week.

  5. Oh yes I agree. Sometimes it's all about the mattress. Though not ready to change ours yet.

  6. I agree with you Ms Arra, I have a severe migraine and I really hate it when it attacks. That's why me and my husband make sure to avoid triggers of it. One of the thing that we secure is our bed buddies, our mattress, pillow even linen and fragrance are in line to avoid discomfort at sleep.

  7. oh very interesting! I might be having an issue with my mattress and didnt when know it. I experience some of these things. this post made me aware for sure!!

  8. You know what, I have actually for the past few weeks, experiencing back pain and I think it may be that I just need a new mattress.

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