Storage or a Man-Cave: Make The Most Out of Your Garden Shed

A shed in your backyard can be used for a variety of things. From a workplace, a den or simply a storage place; it can have many uses. So what you decide to use your for will depend on you and your situation. But whatever use you have for it, there are a few things that all sheds need in order to make them a multi-functional space. Here are some essentials for your garden shed, to make the most of it.

From plugging in a stereo or a TV to an electric lawn mower, having power in your shed is a must. If you are going to be using the shed a lot, then having a cable the is permanently there, running electricity from your home to your shed can be a good idea. If you won’t be using it very often, then a good, long extension cable could do the trick. So measure up and make sure you get the right one or you’ll be left without power.

Creative Storage
Let’s be real, sheds are pretty small. So if you want to use it solely as storage or to store things like your garden equipment, then you need to get creative. Think about using all spaces to max out the space available. Hooks can be used on the ceiling to hang some tools and wires, for example as well as using old dressers, shelving, or things like old wine bottles for nuts and bolts, to create unique storage space.


Garden Equipment
Being able to use your garden equipment easily is one of the number one things about a shed. So having access and storing it all in your shed is a great idea. But have you got all of the garden equipment that you need? Take a chainsaw, for example. They can be great at this time of year, especially when chopping wood for an open fire. But if it is a blunt chainsaw, then you’ll know just how frustrating that can be. So it could be worth reading the 10 best chainsaw sharpener reviews online and then seeing if there is one suitable that will fit into your shed. Then you can use your chainsaw all year round and just when you want to.

If you have a permanent power source, then getting a light fitting installed can be pretty simple. If not, having a flashlight and batteries is a great idea too. Then you can use the space whenever you want to and all year round. So lighting is a great idea for our garden shed.

There can be a lot of expensive items in your garden shed. From bikes to expensive tools, and even to televisions if you use it as a relaxing space. So make sure that you have a way to secure your shed when you’re not using it. From outside locks, padlocks, to a proper door installed. Make sure that the walls and roof are sturdy, to put off any potential chancers.


  1. My hubby loves his storage shed. They are so good to have at any home.

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